Streetwise recently hooked up with ZWINNeMIASTO who are probably the largest importers of scooters in Poland and they agreed that we could road test their numerous models.

What is the best scooter for everyday life? Say, you are a student and you need a lightweight transport to get to school every morning. Or, you are an office worker and you don’t want to use your car because of the insane traffic congestion. When going on foot is not an option, a scooter might be the only real solution you can think of.

It’s not a secret. The M365 electric scooter has been one of the best-selling models in the world, especially in Poland.  At first sight, Xiaomi M365 is just another electric scooter similar to the ones you can hire. In fact, many dockless scooter startups in Poland, including Bird and Lime use Xiaomi. We would guess the reason behind it more than just a low price which is 1699 PLN. What is it about Xiaomi M365 that makes it so practical and versatile?

Firstly, the M365 is very fun and easy to ride! I would say it is the perfect starter bike. Unlike more powerful models, the M365 features a moderate acceleration off the line – in fact, in most of the cases the scooter won’t start moving until you help it a bit.

This model features two modes or speeds. The first one is meant to be used most of the times since it offers longer battery life at the expense of max speed and is called the ECO mode. Although you gain extra distance, it’s not as fun to ride. Estimated range is 30km.

The second setting removes all restrictions and makes the motors go full speed but reduces the range by about half. I’d only use it when I’m in a hurry.

The design is simple. Clean, minimalist lines, with contrasting details in red and the folding mechanism is clever and unique, and it is really ingenious how the handlebar clips to the rear mudguard to allow you to pick up and carry the scooter when folded. also, at 12 kilos it is lightweight enough that most people will be able to carry it around for short periods of time.

Riding the M365, first impressions were all great and well. Riding it was smooth and the braking effect is very good and I never got that feeling of “oh no, please stop!” which is always a good indicator.

The scooter also offers cruise control. It might be of great help, in case the road is open, straight and without traffic – I would not recommend using cruise control unless you are 100% certain that you will not have to use your brakes anytime soon but its a useful addition.

All in all, the M365 is a scooter that has to be recognized as the best starter scooter on the market. It does everything you want it to do as long as you don’t need to travel more than 20-30 km every day. It’s a simple scooter but don’t let this simplicity fool you though – the scooter stores a lot of data, which can be accessed through the official free mobile app. From there, not only can you check the battery level, current speed and total driven distance but you can also tweak a number of other settings. Just make sure you buy a good phone holder! Driving with one hand is possible, though I would definitely not recommend doing it. Best starter scooter on the market!

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