Tuesday, October 23, 2018


Founder and still passionate about providing expats with a great service and interesting articles. Looking to improve the magazine all the time so any comments are always welcome!


I’ve called Poznań home for a little more than two years and I’m fascinated by how quickly the city is changing even in the short time I’ve been here. As a lover of history and culture, I often cover arts and cultural topics, as well as people profiles. When I’m not covering city topics, you’ll likely find me grilling by the Warta River in the summer. Don’t be a stranger!


I love travel, writing and food. I’ve been in Warsaw since late 2017 and have explored far and wide. Now I want to share my adventures with you and will trawl through and report on the good, the bad and the ugly so you don’t have to!


Fellow expat in Poznan. Always curious and willing to explore. Hit me up if you have any comments on my content or just want to say hi!


Miguel Á. Gayo Macías is a freelance journalist who likes to read, write and eat and every possible combination of these things except maybe eating writers. Has been living in Kraków for about six years and intends to keep on writing to earn food so he can stay alive to read more. Contributor to newspapers and weeklies, author of Chronicles of India, working on Chronicles of Poland.


Chia reads, writes – and whenever possible, in sunny and uncharted destinations. When she’s not managing content at Brand24 or hosting the #SocialRecap, you’ll find her exploring unusual new flavors & attending local events in Wroclaw. Let’s connect & explore together!


I am a Brazilian guy who enjoys culture, art, and food. Being an honorary Wroclawian since 2017, I have been conquered by the Polish way of life — especially Disco Polo! I have traveled to several countries, and when I am not traveling, I am exploring the city, capturing moments with my trusty Nikon and my open mind.


My name is Kathryn, but most call me Katie. I come from a small town in the flatlands of southeastern Michigan, USA. My love for crafting stories began at a community college newspaper. Writing as a reporter there taught me that stories are everywhere, even in boring board meetings, I keep busy now by traveling around Poznan as an English teacher and as a storyteller at my company, Tattered Suitcase Media. On sunny weekends, I like to retreat to the city’s many forests and write my heart out. Living here has been a sublime, mountain climb and a rickety, roller coaster ride. Still, life is beautiful, and it’s worth showing it.


Daniel was born and raised in Monterrey, Mexico. Then lived in Texas while attending university. He gladly accepted a job offer in Poland and moved to Warsaw in 2015.