Heaven – we all want to get there, right? Here you go! We can even give you the exact address in Szczecin! Niebo (heaven) Wine Bar Café seated in the heart of the old town next to the castle is the place you cannot miss when exploring Szczecin. When you approach the restaurant, you are welcomed by jazz music coming from the speakers. The establishment looks small – but hey, what a surprise! We could choose between a table outside next to charming flowers, a table inside overlooking the kitchen and a table in the gallery downstairs where the wine is kept. We went for the table inside next to a beautiful vintage vitrine displaying desserts.

What about the food?

Niebo serves slow-food Mediterranean cuisine with a local touch. What does it mean? Every course is prepared from scratch using top-quality Italian ingredients, fish from the local fish farms, fruits from the local orchards as well as herbs planted and harvested on the spot in the restaurant. There is no room for random products here – even the water has been carefully selected. Acqua Panna served in Niebo is the most neutral water which will not interfere with the taste of the food.

Niebo is truly Mediterranean in its nature – pasta and ravioli are handcrafted by the cooks in the restaurant using Niebo’s secret recipe. The products are top-notch but the food is simple. Why? Because it is all about the taste and healthy lifestyle. That is why you will not find any pizza, French fries or deep-fried dishes here.

Niebo has an extensive wine card (more than 130 wines) including both local and unique wines from Burgundy – and this is how Niebo actually started. The passion for wine drove the owner to open a wine store which grew into a wine bar over time. Any beer lovers here? Don’t worry! You can choose from 15 different beer types from the region. We could go on and on like this but let’s move to the food!

What did we eat?

We ordered garlic butter shrimp and an antipasti plate with a Polish sparkling wine from Gostchorze (say whaaat?). It is a unique wine produced by a Frenchman following French traditional methods from grapes growing on the Polish soil. Two flutes of pleasantly bubbly wine are accompanied by delicious amuse-bouches. A nice introduction to our feast!

Shrimps were perfectly crispy and the sauce nicely creamy. Antipasti – as you might expect – fresh, tasty and served with homemade bread baked in the restaurant. For the main course, we ordered – surprise, surprise – homemade pasta with langoustines.

We also followed the recommendation of the manager and ordered fried octopus with jacket potatoes, seasoned with garlic and drizzled with olive oil. The pasta had the perfect texture and superb taste accompanied by Parmesan freshly grated by the service over your dish. Octopus was soft on the inside and crispy on the outside – a perfect match. Delicious! If you miss your Mediterranean holidays spent in perfect bliss, this course will bring back your best memories. As in a wine bar, we ordered wine paired with our order.

We also recommend you ask what the dish of the day is. Today it was Pasta with Parma ham. Absolutely fabulous!

Time for dessert! Our first choice was a no-brainer! We ordered white chocolate cheesecake recommended by the customers in every review of Niebo you can find online.

It was worth it – a simple yet excellent combination of flavors. Our cheesecake came with delicious coffee tasting just like white chocolate and berries! Coffee served in Niebo is delivered from a micro-roastery based in Amsterdam which sells only carefully selected beans from sustainable coffee farms.

Crème brûlée was our obvious choice which had a non-obvious taste. It was surprisingly creamy and smooth – so smooth that we asked the manager – how come? The answer was simply – there is no secret. In the end, it all comes down to high-quality ingredients, the proper technique (sous-vide) and excellent cooking skills. Let yourself discover this heaven and indulge in exquisite food!

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