Wałentyn Petrow, head of the Information Security Service of the Ukrainian National Security and Defense Council, was a guest of the “World 2019” conference, which was prepared jointly by weeklies “Ukrainskyj Tyżdeń” and “The Economist”. During his speech, he presented a sinister vision of the World War III hanging in the air. In his opinion, the capture of Ukraine is not Putin’s final goal and it can be expected that he will hit Poland next.

According to RMF FM, the important Ukrainian official argued in his speech: – Looking at Moscow’s current military initiatives, we can say that these are not only preparations for the war with Ukraine, but an element of a wider development of the Russian offensive machine. He added that Moscow, conducting combat exercises and operations from the North Sea to Syria, is preparing for the outbreak of a global conflict.

Petrov said that it is Russia itself that could strive for the outbreak of World War III in a few years. In his opinion: – All defense plans of large states, including the Russian Federation, concern the years 2023-2025. However, a military conflict may start earlier than in six years . He stressed that if Russia took over the territory of Ukraine, it would significantly strengthen its potential.

At the end he warned us: – The war map is already here, military groupings are being developed at the borders. It is really a terrible force and it threatens not only Ukraine. Her plans are to go through Ukraine and further, through Belarus, to reach the Baltic States and Poland.

What do you think? The questions is if Putin decided to push into Poland, would the rest of the world stop him? We are not so sure…

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