Most expats will agree that Poland is a pretty safe place to live. Those of us from the USA or the UK surely would agree with that statement. In fact, hate crimes in Poland fell by 20 percent, theft fell 16 percent, while burglaries were down by 20 percent, said Robert Opas, a spokesman for Polish police headquarters in Warsaw.

Sounds too good to be true? Well, corruption shot up by 158 percent while economic and financial crimes increased by 45 percent which indicates criminals are switching from robberies and theft to financial offenses and bribery attempts.

So what about Poznań? We checked out local government statistics in Poznań and there were a few surprises. If you asked 50 people which district would be the worst for robberies, Wilda, for example, would be high up on the list, if not in first place. But, Wilda seems to be the safest district in terms of robberies!

We have broken down the numbers below…


W 2017 roku do włamań najrzadziej dochodziło na

In 2017, the fewest burglaries were in Wilda. Only 22 were reported. The least recorded thefts with burglary to stores is also the lowest with just 10 offenses reported in 2017


Jeżyce - 47 kradzieży z włamaniem do mieszkań w 2017 roku

Jeżyce had 47 reported home burglaries in 2017 and 13 store break-ins.

Old Town

Stare Miasto - 30 kradzieży z włamaniem do mieszkań w 2017 roku

Old Town had 30 reported burglaries in and 28 store break-ins in 2017


Grunwald - najwięcej odnotowanych przestępstw

Grunwald had the highest rate of home burglaries with 71 reported in 2017 and 12 store break-ins.

Streetwise also polled 300 expats living in Poznań and asked them if they had any worries of particular crimes. These were the results. 0 being not worried to 100 being extremely worried.

A poll of 300 expats living in Poznań
So it seems that Poznań is safer than most West European cities, and we are unlikely to face any problems if you simply employ common sense. Poznań statistics are quite pathetic in comparison to districts in London for example. Petty crime does exist though, and you should be on guard against pickpockets; if you’re in a bar or restaurant keep your wallet inside your trouser pocket, not inside a jacket casually left lying around.  Avoid being ripped off by using clearly marked cabs, something to bear in mind around the train station and airport. The vagrants and pondlife who gather around the train station are by and large harmless and easily ignored.
We welcome any comments and certainly stories if anyone has been robbed or attacked in Poznań.

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