A crispy roll, vegetables, and a sizable piece of fried beef. A simple recipe and a delight for the palate! Where can you find the best burgers in Tricity? Here are 10 of our favorites but we look forward to your suggestions!

AïOLI inspired by Gdańsk

Impressive. Split over two floors this is a bar, restaurant, and club. The menu is eclectic, meaning you’ll find something for everyone and priced for everyone with daily food promotions such as the 19.90 PLN lunch menu served Mon-Fri from 12:00-17:00. Burgers in AïOLI have their own specific taste and you will either love it or hate it. Unless you try it, you will never know.

ul. Partyzantów 6, Gdansk | Facebook

Burgermajster, Gdansk

Nothing standard about this place. With great named burgers your taste buds will go wild just reading the menu. How about the Hawaiian, with blue cheese, goat cheese and spicy sauce or maybe the Avalanche? with cheddar, mozzarella, azue, and brie. Does it sound inviting?

Żwirki i Wigury 12/27, Gdansk | Facebook

Surf Burger, Gdansk

A really popular burger joint a little way outside of the old town. The Surf Burger people were one of the first to grasp the food truck trend and combined the novelty with a great choice of burgers to build a large and loyal following. With more than 49000 fans on their fb page, they can’t ALL be wrong!

ul. Garncarska 30, Gdańsk | Facebook

3Burger Gdynia

Do you want an extra 100g of meat? No problem. Do you fancy game? No problem, although the prices aren’t the cheapest on our list, ranging from  22 – 37 PLN, they are certainly some of the best burgers in town. You can always opt for the cheaper 100g versions starting at 13.50 PLN. The beef with baked cheese, arugula and cranberry is our favorite.

Świętojańska 61, Gdynia | Facebook

Burger Stacja

You’ll find this little burger joint out in the Zaspa district so while it is very good, we don’t recommend it unless you are out there checking out the collection of fantastic murals painted on the sides of the dozens of PRL-era apartment blocks. It’s located right next to the SKM (local commuter train) platform and takes names of train stations as the inspiration for its name and the names of its burgers. Choose from a list of puns such as Reda Hot Chili (jalapeno), WejSerowo (extra cheese) and Gdansk 100cznia (no idea). Have fun while you try to get your mouth around the huge sandwich in your hands. Highly recommended!

Hynka 65, Gdansk | Facebook

Big Burger, Gdynia

Simple and not too big of a menu. Choose from nine different burgers from 120g to 250g (if you’re really hungry). Prices are also quite cheap when comparing to similar places and range from 15 PLN to 22 PLN for the most expensive. We recommend the Italiano with 100% beef, grilled salad, mozzarella, dried tomatoes, arugala, pest, and mayo. Delicious!

Morska 95, Gdynia | Facebook

Original Burger Gdansk

No prizes for guessing that the stars of the menu are the burgers and the freshly prepared patties are cooked to order and come served on fresh buns with a choice of toppings. Closer to an American style burger than anything you’ll likely receive when ordering from a fast food window in Poland, the calorie hit is rounded off by crispy fries and onion rings. Classic with cheese, simple but one of our favourites. Reasonable prices also mean you’ll leave with a smile.

ul. Długa 47/49 Gdansk| Facebook

Bistro Małpa Sopot

In our opinion the best burger in Sopot. For 25 PLN, try their deer meat, and for 29 PLN you will get shrimp and ginger added to the mix. Interesting place and delicious food – we recommend it highly!

ul. Podjazd 5, Sopot | Facebook

Carmnik Kantyna Gdynia

Bacon jam. Sounds inviting, right? We had to put this place on the list just for that. Although, they have awesome burgers too!

Antoniego Abrahama 21/23 Gdynia

Baranola Burger Gdynia

If you’re going to open an eatery with one type of food on the menu you’d better make sure that you do it properly. So with that in mind, it’s a good job that Baranola has created a burger joint as good as you’ll find in the whole Tricity. The menu consists of 10 options ranging from plain burger to a very spicy version (called boys don’t cry) featuring Jalapenos and chilii sauce, made with good quality beef. Thoroughly recommended.

Świętojańska 128, Gdynia | Facebook

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