According to the wealthy Poles surveyed by KPMG ( KPMG is an international network of auditing and consulting companies, currently employing 189,000 people in 152 countries around the world), you can only consider yourself rich if your car costs over 285,000. zł. They also say that 1 sqm of a luxury apartment should cost over 17 thousand. zł. Weekly holidays in “luxury” for one person should cost 9700 PLN, a women’s dress 3300PLN, men’s suit 4600 PLN, women’s shoes 1800 PLN, dinner for two in a restaurant – 1,100 PLN and a bottle of luxury wine 430 PLN.

Rich people who took part in the KPMG study work on average 10 hours a day and spend their free time with their families most willingly. The hardest workers, character traits and education are the main source of life success according to them.

In 2018, the number of well-earning Poles amounted to 1.1 million people. 164 thousand people earned over 20,000 gross PLN per month, which of those, 40 thousand earned more than PLN 50,000 a month gross PLN. 

Similarly to the previous years, the largest percentage of rich Poles live in the Masovian voivodship. They declared an income of nearly 29 billion gross PLN. Almost half of this amount was earned by very rich Poles, whose income was higher than 50,000 PLN monthly. 11,000 of them live in Mazovia. Second and third places in terms of the number of very rich Poles is occupied by Wielkopolskie and Małopolskie voivodships.

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