Poland has seen some huge changes over the last 15 years. Nothing more so than the amount of foreigners now living, working and studying in various Polish cities. Streetwise decided to create a candid survey and spoke to 500 foreigners in Wrocław, Kraków, Warsaw and Poznań to find out what they REALLY think about Poland. We selected the most popular answers and some of them might surprise you!

When asked what ‘annoys you most‘ about Poland, the answers were quite repetitive. In first place, with 55% was ‘I hate drunk people asking me for money’. Unexpected was ‘flavors of crips’ with 8%

When asked ‘What makes you laugh about Poland?‘ the most popular answer with 44% was ‘Poles queuing for hours for ice cream’. 2% rated Polish guys performance in bed as laughable!

When asked what they REALLY HATE about Poland top of the list was understandably ‘Air Quality’ with 59%. The strangest answer was ‘Bus drivers‘ with 4%!

To finish off our survey we wanted to end on a high note so we asked ‘What do you like the most in Poland?‘. Nearly all boys answered ‘Girls‘ and got 42%. Shopping Centers was the strangest answer with 3%.

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