Poland’s drug problem is still small compared to many European countries but the facts speak for themselves. Huge drug busts recently have unearthed highly organized gangs, especially in Warsaw which are becoming more and more violent and willing to risk it all and make it to the big time. What’s worrying also is that these gangs are prepared to cut out the middle man and farm the drugs in Warsaw themselves! Below are just a few of the larger busts Poland’s law enforcement has made in Warsaw in the last couple of months, but are they fighting a losing battle?

Amphetamine factory busted

With over 120 kg of protected substances, you can produce over six million portions of amphetamines. The CBŚP officers liquidated the laboratory in which illegal narcotic drugs were made. They also infiltrated the group and five people were detained. According to the CBSP, the gang was advised on how to farm the drugs by a retired chemistry lecturer.

450 kg of drugs confiscated

The value of the black market value of drugs, which was smuggled into Warsaw from Germany to Poland by a criminal group from Płock and Łódź, was estimated at over  5.5 million PLN. The Central Bureau of Investigation smashed the organized gang and detained 13 people. Substances included marijuana, amphetamine, heroin, ecstasy and cocaine.

13 million PLN worth of drugs seized

270 kg of drugs with an estimated value of almost PLN 13 million were distributed mainly throughout Warsaw. Over 300 officers took part in the spectacular bust where 26 people were detained in and around Warsaw. Two people – Piotr S. and his wife Justyna S, were also detained as the masterminds of the group.

Several hundred kilos seized

Metropolitan policemen liquidated a drug store in Józefów and an amphetamine factory in Wawer. Several hundred kilos of narcotic drugs and about two tons of chemicals were secured. Three people were arrested.

Huge Amphetamine factory found and liquidated

Significant amounts of drugs, mixtures and chemical reagents for their production as well as a complete line for the preparation of illegal substances have been secured by officers of the Central Bureau of Investigation. The amphetamine factory operates near Grójec in Mazovia. Two people were detained.

Hundreds of kilos of drugs and a means for their production found

Even several tons of drugs can be produced from protected substances in Poland, the Netherlands and Germany. Bureau officers and uniforms from these countries worked together to bust this group of drug manufacturers. They detained 14 people, secured hundreds of kilos of drugs and the means for their production and liquidated five laboratories in which they were manufactured and warehouses in which they were stored.

Huge criminal gang busted with over 350 kg of drugs

First, they liquidated the amphetamine laboratories and marijuana plantations, detaining seven people, then they caught another 33 suspects involved in criminal activity. Officers from a special group, appointed by the commander of the main police, crashed a gang dealing in the circulation of significant amounts of drugs.
The National Public Prosecutor’s Office presented suspects related to the marketing of narcotic and psychotropic substances, in an amount not smaller than 350 kg. They face 12 years in prison.
These are just a few examples of what’s going on in Warsaw. As much as recreational drugs can be fun on weekends, they also bring terror and misery to a city which must be kept in check. For now, the authorities are working hard to bust these large-scale drug criminals but with Poland fast becoming a central hub for Europe, we fear this is just the tip of the iceberg.
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