Poland’s drug problem is still small compared to many European countries but the facts speak for themselves. Huge drug busts recently have unearthed highly organized gangs, especially in Tricity which are becoming more and more violent and willing to risk it all and make it to the big time. Below are just a few of the larger busts Poland’s law enforcement has made in Tricity in the last 12 months, but are they fighting a losing battle?

October 2018

120 kg of protected substances confiscated which would have produced over six million portions of amphetamines.  

Everything indicates that a graduate of the chemistry department at a university was a consultant in the production. He is among those detained as the police officers of the Central Bureau of Investigation liquidated the laboratory operating in Gdańsk, securing, among others, two complete production lines – one for BMK production and the other for amphetamine production as well as complementary equipment and apparatus.

The CBŚP officers liquidated the amphetamine factory


September 2018

Six men accused of drug trafficking on a large scale

According to prosecutors, the group had a specific structure, and its member’s assigned roles, including related to organizing drugs, recruiting couriers, and carrying drugs.

Investigators accuse group members of smuggling nearly 90 kg of marijuana. The drugs were to be sold in the Tricity. The detained men were sent to temporary detention. All defendants face up to five years in prison.

September 2018

Half a ton of hash worth PLN 19 million seized

Policemen from Gdańsk had been working on the group for a long time, distributing drugs in the Tri-City and shipping them abroad also. The police seized 480 kilograms of hashish in cardboard boxes with a market value of 19 million PLN. When searching their apartments they also found more than 800 extasy tablets

W sprawie zatrzymano dwóch mężczyzn


August 2018

The District Prosecutor’s Office in Gdańsk accused two men of smuggling at least 20 kg of cannabis from Spain to Poland.

The prosecutor’s office established that Janusz W. acquired the drugs in Spain. He brought them to Poland in a Dariusz K. truck and were planning to flood the Tricity with the drugs.

June 2018

Sopot taxi driver detained for dealing drugs from his taxi.

Large quantities of drugs were found in the taxi and when the police went to search the 40-year-old’s flat, officers found more drugs, including nearly half a kilogram of amphetamine. The police say it was possible to make up nearly four thousand portions of the drug.

May 2018

Pomeranian police confiscated over 260 kg of drugs with an estimated value of 12 million zlotys.

The officers from the Department for Combating Drug-Related Crime in Gdańsk, KWP, had been working on the case for several months and a25-year-old was arrested with 140 kg of marijuana, 114 kg of hashish and 2 kg of cocaine. Police officers from the Pomeranian Tax and Customs Office in Gdynia took part in the search. 

A second man was also arrested when officers found and secured cash in his flat. They found 100,000 dollars, over 27 thousand PLN and over 16 thousand euro. Both detained men face a penalty of up to 10 years in prison.

The police found 260 kg of drugs

20kg of cocaine confiscated

The drugs came to Poland from South America with many nationalities involved in the smuggling. The cocaine was found in a refrigerated container, which arrived in Gdansk from South America. The value of the drug was estimated at approximately PLN 4 million.

Over 20 kg of cocaine smuggled from South America were captured.

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