In recent years, premises where you can taste sophisticated, original drinks or cocktails have become more and more popular. We are talking about multitaps, wine bars and cocktail bars. The growing demand for this type of place is caused by a gradual change in the culture of alcohol consumption. Research shows that Polish society is increasingly choosing original, rare drinks, and giving up traditional, heavy alcohols, after which the well-being the next morning is sometimes not the best. Here is PART I of the best bars in Szczecin…

17 Schodów

Probably the best known Speakeasy-themed cocktail bar in Szczecin 17 schodów is situated in the old town. 17 schodów means literally 17 steps in Polish – and this is the exact distance between you and the amazing once forbidden alcoholic beverages.

Asked about their mission, the answer came right away – be the best cocktail bar not only in Szczecin but across Poland! During the last Cocktail Week, 17 schodów actually made it so far and won the first prize beating upscale bars in Warsaw. This mission requires highly trained, skilled and experienced staff whom customers can fully trust – and you can find them here!  The interior, the lively swing and blues music – every piece of this puzzle offers a taste of a classing speakeasy bar.

The menu consists of around 30 cocktails with bestsellers based on the classics and recipes developed by the bartenders from 17 schodów.  The legendary “The Savoy Cocktail Book” featuring more than 750 recipes from the 1920s and 1930s serves as a source of inspiration for the new recipes. Finally, don’t be afraid to sit at the bar. This is the heart of this place you can’t miss!. Read our recent review of 17 Schodów

Dobre Shoty

Dobre Shoty is a new spot in the middle of the party zone Deptak Bogusława which is the right location for the partygoers who seek something unique. This place is run by three young locals – Julia, Czarek and Piotr – serves outstanding craft shots (hence the name – “good shots”).

Dobre Shoty is not only young and  local but also eco-friendly.  Zero waste is taken very seriously by the team – straws are literally from straw, packages are reused and even leftover fruit does not end up in the trash but with their grandmas who make home-made marmalade out of it!

The shots you order here are unique – their recipes are complex, the tastes unconventional and surprising. Instead of drinking them bottom-up, you sip them and indulge in their taste! Read our recent review of Dobry Shoty

Pavillion 48

Pavilon 48 is a relatively new place on the bar map of Szczecin. A speakeasy-style bar combined with street art by Jakub Bitka and Łukasz Chwałek who are two of the best-known street artists in Poland.

What makes them unique is they serve unusual cocktails in unusual drink holders. In the warmer months, they also have a cocktail garden which makes for a great evening!

We love the atmosphere generated by the blacked-out windows which gives an air of being in a secret place. Highly recommended!

Słody Multitap & Bistro

Słody Multitap & Bistro with its brilliant location has a lot to offer for those who love the quality of craft beers. On their 15 taps there is always a right choice from the range of local, polish, European and last but not least world well-known selections.

It is not only craft beer that they care about – their qualified and creative bartenders will surprise you how excellent whisky, bourbon, rum or gin can taste inside a perfect, sophisticated cocktail. They also have bubbly prosecco or wine.

The kitchen in Słody is simple yet dangerously addictive. Expect fresh, local products and extensive knowledge of how to pair your favorite taste with … yes, a beer. Craft premieres, brewery tap takeovers, live music concerts, company events, sport events transmissions – they have it all!

Browar Pod Zamkiem

Browar Pod Zamkiem is located in a tenement house, in the immediate vicinity of the Szczecin castle. The menu includes its own beer and dishes prepared based on regional products. 

Jarosław Jurga, one of the finalists of the prestigious Great British Beer Festival, is responsible for their brewing, as well as the winner of 20 other “beer” competitions. 

Attention to detail, visible in the interior of the premises, can also be seen in the kitchen of the Castle Brewery. Suffice it to say that the bread is baked here. And not just any. Rye bread, malty, on more than a century old sourdough, baked with the addition of Pilsen malt used for beer production.  Thanks to the great beer, unique climate and excellent cuisine, Browar Pod Zamkiem is a must on the map of Szczecin.

Ptak i Pies

Ptak I Pies is a cocktail bar with a young modern twist, located surprisingly centrally, just behind the main drag of Deptak Boguslawa, at Edmunda Bałuki 16. 

What strikes you about the venue when you walk in is the colorful décor. It is a bit like Wilk i Zając meets Andy Warhol Pop Art.

The bar is clean and well-stocked. Drinks are sensibly laid out and the staff invites you to talk with them to discuss your tastes. Definitely a bar to try on one of your nights out! Read our recent review of Ptak i Pies

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