After an extremely cold and wet May, June has welcomed us with a wave of heat. It wont last long so make the most of the numerous beaches where you can swim in or around Kraków. We have chosen 7 of our favorites with the best at the end of this article which really is paradise! Have we missed anything?

7.Plaża Budzyń 8km from Krakow

The Budzyński Reservoir, located just off the popular Zalew on Piaski, is an alternative to sunbathers looking for a bit of peace. Around the lagoon, there are a dozen or so beaches where you can relax, as well as a dozen gastronomic points.

6. Zalew Bagry 4 km

Located just 4 km from Wawel, the Bagry Reservoir is one of the largest water reservoirs located in Krakow. Perfect if you don’t fancy venturing too far out of the city. It was established in Płaszów (Dzielnica Podgórze) by flooding the gravel pit. You will also find water sports equipment rental, sun loungers, a beach volleyball court, and a free Wi-Fi zone.
There is also a water ski and wakeboard lift equipped with professional obstacles.

5. Beach at Przylasek Rusiecki 20km

Przylasek Rusiecki is a complex of over a dozen water reservoirs. Each of the reservoirs is numbered, and the largest (number one) is a beach with a bathing area – the rest are fishing grounds leased by the Polish Angling Association.
The bathing beach is guarded and admission is free. The fee is charged only for entering the car park. An additional attraction of this place is Wake Camp Kraków – a professional Water Sports Center, which has its own private beach with hammocks, a badminton pitch, kayak, boat and pedal rental, a skimboard track and of course wakeboard and water skis (http: //

4. Kryspanów Lagoon 15 km from Kraków

The lagoon is a great entertainment and relaxation complex in which you can find numerous attractions. For years, it has been the most popular bathing resort of the residents of Krakow and the surrounding area.

In addition to sandy beaches and clean water, there is water equipment rental, a water slide, beach volleyball, football and basketball courts, a sailing and windsurfing school, a rope park, water skiing (WakePark), children’s playgrounds, zorbing and quads. In the summer season, expect various events and concerts.

3. Nudist beach at Kryspinów

For those that are brave enough, a popular naturist rest area in the vicinity of Krakow. Nudists have been meeting here since the 80s. In good weather, the season starts even in April. Beachers can feel comfortable there, provided they spend time naked because swimming costumes will not be welcomed.

2. Przystań Brzegi  10km

A new place to swim in the vicinity of Kraków. A spacious, sandy beach between two water reservoirs with selected, high-quality sand, finished with a pleasantly shaded tree-covered area in the eastern part.

In addition to swimming, they offer the possibility of using kayaks, pedal boats and a water obstacle course for children. Lifeguards are also on attendance.

1. Dzika plaża 7 km

Probably the most beautiful option is this. Beautiful water in a turquoise shade, high limestone white rocks and lush greenery. This lagoon, once a quarry, is an unusual place – beautiful but also dangerous.

Once, only a wild beach existed over the lagoon, but in 2016 a bathing pool consisting of small pools guarded by rescuers was separated on the spot.
The rest of the lagoon is unguarded and when someone wants to swim outside the separate area, he does it at his own risk, so sometimes drowning occurs.

Despite this, a lot of people come here because of its tranquility and clean water. You definitely feel like your far away from Kraków!

On the lagoon, there is also the Kraken Diving Center, which offers diving lessons. In the water, you can find lots of interesting things like a wrecked Fiat, the wreck of a bus and an old plane.

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