Every Monday at 20.00   Szkolna 2/4, 00-006 Warszawa, +48 22  828 10 60

Best Balkan food in town with a Mon-Fri lunch special for 19.90zł (15.90zł for the vegetarian option). Also, don’t miss the Live music Mon-Thu from 20:00, Fri & Sat from 20:30 (Sun starts at 18:00).

Pub Przejscie

Every Sunday at 21.00   , +48 22 696 85 50

A dark and divey tunnel-shaped bar found festering in the depths of a subway. With Warsaw not quite embracing the 24hr vibe of neighboring capitals any venue that can tout round-the-clock opening hours merits attention. Lively karaoke sessions though make this place a must on the list.

Pub Zielona Ges

Every Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri and Saturday Aleja Niepodległości 177, 02-555 Warszawa, +48 22 825 20 26

Every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, you can be the star of the scene, taking part in one of the best karaokes in Warsaw.

The audience always rewards singers with thunderous ovations, regardless of the quality of the performance. You may be as good as the original or more amateurish, but the welcome you get is the same. To sum up Pub Zielona Ges, with karaoke over five evenings every week of the year, its a no brainer for karaoke fans.

MultiPub Pod Gruba Kaska

Every day at 21.00 !

MultiPub is the perfect combination of a pub and a club. It consists of two independent rooms, where at the same time two completely separate parties can take place, as a rule, there is karaoke in one room and disco in the other. Guests can enjoy both events, both attractions at their own discretion.

Alternatywa Cafe

Every Friday at 21:30 pl. Unii Lubelskiej (wejście od Al. Szucha 1)

A unique atmosphere, which makes you feel at home straight away. With karaoke the main focus on Friday nights you are guaranteed an evening of laughs.

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