If you haven’t hopped on to the craft beer train, now’s probably a good time to try. According to the experts, craft beer sales grew by 17.6 percent last year compared to a rate of just 0.5 percent in overall beer sales. The craft beer industry in Poland, which is made up of hundred’s of breweries, is growing consistently and steadily with no signs of slowing down. The Craft beer revolution has taken over the Polish capital by storm, resulting in dozens of microbreweries competing to create the most unique flavor combinations. Although, if we look at western Europe’s model, it will slow down eventually.  Here’s our guide (in no particular order) to the best craft beer bars, or as the locals call them “multi-tap” bars due to the multitude of draft options. Na zdrowie!

Ministerstwo Browaru – Wroniecka

One of our favorite haunts for Polish craft beers. Ministry of Beer offers an impressive number of brands and types of beer. They come from all over the world, but the pub’s specialty is mostly beers from small regional Polish breweries. Many German beers, as well as Belgian brands, can be also found here.

Dom Piwa

12 taps with some very interesting beers on them and around 200 bottled beers. Very good service and specific local Poznań atmosphere inside. Definitely in our TOP 5.

Photo – Dom Piwa fb page


Whilst there are a few on draught, it’s the rows and rows of bottles on the shelves that will have you gawping and unsure quite where to start. With over 150 brews, this is one of the best craft beer bars in Poznan. Highly recommended!

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Wściekły Chmiel

Small Craft beer & Nitro Coffee establishment with18 taps of Polish craft beers. The smallness of this place adds to the charm and the bartenders know their stuff. Highly recommended.

KRIEK Belgian Pub & Cafe

Hands down the best place in Poznań for Belgian beers.

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photo – Kriek FB page

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