Christmas and New Years Eve is fast approaching which for many of us means parties and getting drunk like never before. If you’re going to attend a Polish friends party then you should be brushing up on your Polish drunken party songs. Find below the most popular songs you will be hearing once the alcohol starts flowing and the room starts spinning!

Hej, sokoły

Probably the most popular drunken repertoire of the Poles. The author of the piece is the poet and composer Tomasz Padura , who certainly did not foresee his masterpiece being an integral part of Polish drunken culture. LINK TO WORDS

Jolka, Jolka

Probably one of our favorite songs to sing drunk in Poland. The popular “Jolka” is perfect for drunken singing. LINK TO WORDS


Lombard – Przeżyj to sam

One of the biggest hits of the Lombard Group “Przeżyj to sam” is also a huge hit for drunken parties. Learn it well and impress your Polish friends ? LINK TO WORDS

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