No offense against another human being inflicts greater costs than killing. Simply put, it’s bad to be dead. Nonetheless, hundreds of thousands are murdered every year throughout the planet; tens of millions over the past century. From baby killing to genocide, from Susan Smith to Osama bin Laden, people in every culture experience the urge to kill. Some act on it. They do so despite legal injunctions, religious prohibitions, cultural interdictions, the risk of retaliation, and the threat of spending life in a cage.

What is it that pushes a person to end the life of another person? Does it take a special sort of human to kill, or is there potential in all of us? Does it depend on situations and scenarios? Are we all born killers who repress our urges, or must we break down social and psychological barriers before we can take a life?

Here are the criminals sought by officers from Wroclaw as displayed on their website. They are dangerous and should not be approached. Share this article with your friends to help the authorities catch them! Look closely at their faces and let the police know if you’ve seen them somewhere.

Information can be provided by calling the emergency number 997 or 112 or by email at Police officers promise to keep your identity a secret.



Date of birth: 19-7-1980. Wanted for Murder


Janusz Dutkiewicz

Janusz Dutkiewicz

Date of birth: March 25, 1963. Wanted for Murder

Radosław Gajda

Radosław Gajda

Date of birth: 12.10.1986, last registered place of residence: Strzelin. Wanted for murder.



Leszek Jakimowski

Date of birth on 24.01.1969, last registered place of residence: Wrocław. Wanted for murder and the illegal production of firearms and ammunition and trading without the required permit



Patryk Sus

Date of birth: 15/05/1995. Last check-in: Strzelin. Wanted for an attack on a person or persons




Robert Swakoń

Date of birth: December 8, 1980, last registered place of residence: Wrocław. Wanted for the death of a person.


Anatoli Boutchynski

Anatoli Boutchynski

Date of birth: 15/12/1974. Wanted for murder



Date of birth: 04-11-1963 Wanted for murder.



Date of birth: 2-01-1987. Wanted for murder.



Date of birth: 14-03-1984. Wanted for murder

Is there a common element among all these types of killers? Or does each murder have its own special circumstances? Unfortunately, there is not always an obvious answer here either.  We can study murderers and see what they did, try to understand their life, their childhood, their experiences and we can hope that it will lead us to an understanding of why a person might kill.  This, ultimately, will hopefully help psychological profilers to develop effective methods of catching criminals quickly and effectively.

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