Spain is going through a tough time right now. With the Catalunia nonsense and high youth unemployent it’s mind-boggling that the bars and restaurants are always full no matter what. Perhaps thats what makes Spain so loved by people around the world. There is a magic feeling when arriving to Spain. A feeling of being surrounded by happiness. It could be the weather but it could also be the food. We met up with Pablo, the owner of Casa Pablo and Tapas Gastro bar in Warsaw to talk about Spains many issues and of course….Spanish Food!

Hi Pablo, so what part of Spain are you from?

Im from Madrid

Aha, So are you are real or Atletico fan?

Hahaha. 101% Atletico Madrid

But you live in Warsaw now, right?

Lets say 80% in Warsaw and the rest in Spain. Sometimes I need to go back to top up my sun tan:)

So what brought you to Warsaw?

Came for work and stayed for love:) I actually came over in around 2005 to work for a Spanish developer here in Warsaw and met my beautiful wife a short while after arriving:)


and then you opened a restaurant…..

I saw a big opportunity in Warsaw as there were not many Spanish restaurants, especially in the city centre. My Polish friends kept telling me to open something so Casa Pablo was born.

So it was your first time in this business?


So did you get any help?

Of course. My 2 best friends in Spain were chefs andf I asked them to come to Poland and help me with the launch. One was from Madrid and the other from Barcelona!

And they didnt fight?

Hahaha. No. They are actually both from Madrid but one just lived and worked in Barcelona.

Casa Pablo is slow food, Spanish style. I see on the menu that you dont have tapas. Why is that?

In Spain its normal to have a fine dining restaurant without tapas. Tapas are tapas and fine dining is fine dining.

So was it your intention to seperate the two things and open a tapas bar also?

Actually no. Tapas Gastrobar came from 1000’s of people coming to Casa Pablo and asking for tapas:)

Is it possible that Spanish food in Poland tastes exactly the same as in Spain?

100% the same. Most of our products actually come directly from Spain and I can say that i cannot tell any difference.

How about the churros?

Sure. Also exactly the same. We use a typical spanish recipe for the churros.

Is your chef Spanish?

No he is from Egypt. They did invade Spain after all, right?

Churros are extremely popular in Spain as you know. Are they popular in Poland?

Not like in Spain of course, but people are getting to know about churros more and more. Especially when they try them on their hoildays in Spain.

What do you think about the current Catalunia crisis in Spain?

My goodness. Its such a shame how Spain is being shown around the world right now. Especially the violence which is totaly unaceptable. But I must say that its mostly being driven by the Catalunian politicians. The majority of people in Catalunia love their region but they also love Spain. Also alot of the images shown on tv and newspapers were manipulated 100%. To be honest the situation is being portrayed as a disaster but I think its actually backfiring on the politicians and its bringing Spanish people more together. Im sure this is going to end up positive rather than negative.

And how about Spains economy?

Its definately getting better and growing. Everytime im in Spain I see people spending money again and Madrid especially is really booming right now. Good times are returning back to Spain. Actually im opening a restaurant in Madrid on the 1st of December called Boca Bar which combines fine dining and tapas. I invite you:)

Apart from the weather, what is the main difference between Spain and Poland?

To me its really obvious. Spanish people live on the street everyday. In Poland people tend to try to save their money for the future and go out maybe once or twice a week (which i think is a good thing). Spanish people dont worry about painting their flat or upgrading their furniture (what for if they are hardly at home) .What they earn they spend outside of the home. There are pros and cons for both these living concepts i suppose.

How is your Polish?

Much worse than it should be:)

Can you cook?

Of course. Im amzing in the kitchen!

Do you like Golonka?

I love it. There is no better hangover cure in history:)

Hahaha. Finally, tell me, are any of the Madrid teams gonna win the chamions league in 2018?

Im afraid not. There are better teams out there right now i think.

And what about Spain to win the world cup next year?

Of course. Without a doubt:)

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