Warsaw is full of places to which you are better off not going at night. Based on the statistics that we obtained from the Warsaw police, you can see that in the capital there are many beatings, robberies, and thefts. So which district is the worst?

Wawrzyszew and Wrzeciono

Wrzeciono is a housing estate, which has always been known for its bad reputation. The blocks built in the 1960s for workers from the Bielany steelworks have kept their peculiar character to this day. Firstly – due to the dubious aesthetics of the area, and secondly – due to the high crime rate. Over the past year, the police have intervened 272 times in connection with the disruption of public order and nightly unrest.

Dworzec Zachodni and Szczęśliwice

The modernization of the railway part of Dworzec Zachodni and Górka Szczęśliwicka, unfortunately, did not eliminate the high level of crime in any way. The local police have their hands full, and the locals eagerly look for peace. The public or night order in this part of Ochota was disturbed almost 200 times. In addition, 54 thefts and almost 60 acts of vandalism were recorded.

Wierzbno and Old Mokotów

Mokotów is one of the most characteristic districts of Warsaw. Mokotów has beautiful ​​parks, embassies, Royal Łazienki Park or the oldest municipal allotments in the capital. Unfortunately, the enormity of positives is covered by high crime, especially in the Wierzbno blocks of flats and the dark alleys of the Old Mokotów. Summing up public disorder interventions we get a dizzying number of 614 police interventions.

Bulwary and Powiśle

The modernization of the boulevards has positively influenced the image of the city, and the Vistula infrastructure finally stands at a high European level. However, it is known that attractive places always attract crowds of people. And it can not be concealed that the vast majority visit the Vistula boulevards with the proverbial beer, and often loses common sense. In connection with various crimes, the police in the area of ​​boulevards and Powiśle had to intervene about 560 times.

Praga North

For a long time the inhabitants of Prague try to convince themselves that their district is beautiful and safe, and perceiving it as a habitat of pathology is an unfavorable stereotype maintained after the 90s. Part of it is true, new cafes, galleries and boutiques have mad it fashionable. However, it does not change the fact that it is still extremely dangerous there. The statistics are devastating. On average, in 2018 police officers in the Praga Północ are dealt with delinquents disrupting public and night-time order numerous times a day.

What’s more, in 2018 there were more than 400 robberies and thefts.

Metro Wilanowska

To many unpleasant incidents have been recorded in the MetroWilanowska station area. The place is neither particularly beautiful nor safe even though there are regular police patrols in the area. Let’s look at the statistics: 143 interventions for disrupting order, about 70 for alcohol consumption, nearly 30 thefts and about 20 acts of vandalism. In summary – if possible – we recommend choosing a different route for the evening shift:).


In the ranking of the largest number of crimes and offenses, Śródmieście leads the most. This is due, among other things, to the large number of clubs and bars located in this district and the strategic points of the capital, through which hundreds of thousands of people pass each day. Over the past year, police have had to intervene over 900 times to serious crimes. Alcohol abuse offenses have been reported 247 times. Interestingly, although the number of thefts was not low, it did not stand out particularly against other districts – around 90 cases.

How about car thefts?

Although police statistics in many ways from year to year are getting better, the capital still has a problem with car thefts. Last year there were 200 more thefts than the year before. So which districts are the worst?

The safest is Ursus

The safest districts in Warsaw in terms of car theft are Ursus, Rembertów and Wilanów. In Ursus in 2018, 23 cars were stolen. In 2018 in Rembertów, 24 were stolen and in Wilanów 40.

No change

Statistics show no change in car thefts in these districts. Last year, 45 cars were stolen in Wesoła, 60 in Praga, and 67 in Śródmieście.

Robberies going down in Bemowo

The quiet district of Bemowo is the only district to see a decrease of car thefts with 133 thefts in 2018 and 170 in 2017.

Ochota, Wola and Ursynów

These districts represent the average car thefts in Warsaw. Ochota (122 stolen cars), Wola (142), Ursynów (145), Bielany (151) and Targówek (159) are also in the middle of the list. Although it is worth noting that in 2018 car theft went up slightly from the year before.

High risk at Białołęka in Mokotów

It is very bad in Białołęka in Mokotów with 190 cars stolen in 2018 out of a total of 221 stolen in Mokotów. That’s a car stolen every 2 days!

The worst is Praga Południe

The undisputed king of car theft in Warsaw has been Praga Południe for a long time. In 2017, 320 cars were stolen there, and last year this number increased to 352. Thats one car a day! That is more than Ursus, Wesoła, Wilanów, Włochy, Rembertów, Praga Północ and Śródmieście put together!!!


If we add up attacks, roberies and car thefts then Praga Połudine is the overall king when it comes to crime. Infact it has been for some time now and statistics are getting worse year upon year. Looking at the bright side though, rents are pretty cheap:)

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