Piotr Henschke – the chef of many Warsaw, vegetarian restaurants, restaurateur and author of the book “Vegetarian Cuisine in Raspberry Pieces” – came up with this innovative idea.

The restaurant is called “Bistro Jesz”, on entering the premises immediately throws the eye of a variety of dishes. The function is simple, we take a plate and choose what we want from more than twenty dishes, in the amount that suits us. Composing your meal, we decide on the size of the portion for which we pay after weighing. If meals weigh 200 grams or more, you can add rice in any quantity. In addition to dishes sold on a scale, you will find soups, desserts and drinks.

Asked how and why he came up with this idea, in an interview for wegetarianie.pl, Mr. Piotr replies:

“I met some Buddhists in Taiwan, for whom – as you know – sharing is natural. I was in a difficult financial situation and when I came to a restaurant where a similar system functioned, I felt like someone saved my life, I only took a spoonful of vegetables, and sometimes I added rice even three times. I felt very uncomfortable with this but the waiters and cooks instead of looking at me with a crooked eye encouraged me to put even larger portions. They laughed and it was a great joy that I was able to absorb so much food. As soon as I got myself straight, I returned to this place with great liking but I ate completely differently. I chose mostly vegetables and tofu and rice was just an extra.”

The restaurant’s creator also has further plans and dreams. In the future, he would like to develop his project by creating more premises.

Podobny obraz

“First of all, I hope that more such projects with a social dimension will be created in Poland. When it comes to my private dreams, I would like to combine my two greatest passions, mountains and vegan cuisine for a long time. Fulfilling my dream would be to create a mountain hostel in which vegetable dishes will reign.”

The “Bistro Jesz” restaurant is located in Warsaw at 3 Wołoska street.

Source: wegetarianie.pl

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