Unfortunately, this may be the end of the Vistula night scene that we all love.

According to the owners of Hocki Klocki, the Warsaw City Hall has launched a tender this year with the possibility of only 2 places in this area. Today, there are a dozen or so outlets in this area. In addition, premises that will be allowed to operate will not be allowed to play music louder than 70 dB which is comparable to the sound of a vacuum cleaner!  This rules out numerous venues where concerts are held also such as Pomade 511, Miami Wars, and Grunt i Woda.

‘ The information has not yet been officially confirmed, but it seems that the places created with enthusiasm, where we spent many holiday evenings, may not appear in the summer on the banks of the Vistula’ say the owners of Hocki Klocki.

“The current tender assumes only two premises with events”

Suggestions of petitions to President Rafał Trzaskowski about the withdrawal from this surprising decision have already started. “We arranged and enlivened a space that was previously overlooked and unavailable to create a special place for you – a place where you will feel like a little vacation in the middle of the city, day and night,” say local owners.

The organizers of the summer events on the Vistula promise not to give up in the fight and ask for support.

Keep your fingers crossed. We hope that together we will be able to keep the Vistula, which we have been enjoying together for years!

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