Poznan has so many studios now its hard to choose. Streetwise was looking for something different and we came across ‘Klinika Tatuażu‘ which means Tattoo Clinic in English. Located just outside the city boundaries, we met up with ‘the doctor‘ for a chat.

Hi. So your the doctor?

Hahaha. Yes. I have a nurse also from time to time who tattoos.

How long have you been tattooing?

Since 2006 but the studio has been opened since 2015

Why call your studio a clinic?

There are so many studios that sound and look the same so I wanted something different!

Is that why you have white tiles everywhere?

Sure. I didn’t want it to just have the name ‘ Tattoo Clinic’ but also feel like a clinic.

Do you just make tattoos?

No. We also do lips enlargement with and without needles and permanent makeup. We can even remove your wrinkles ?

Wow. How much does it cost to get the Mick Jagger effect on my lips?

350 PLN should be enough. If you want the Mick Jagger effect then you will probably need 2 shots. hahaha. My wife Patricia is qualified to do all that.

Have you had anything done?

Sure. Lips, wrinkles, eyebrows. I’m like a guinea pig. My wife tries everything on me. That’s why I look so young hahaha.

You seem to be in good shape too…

I try to always be in good shape. I recommend bodypump classes ?

What is your preferred tattoo style?

Black semi-realism. But I can do anything.

Are there too many tattoo studios?

Its not just that there are too many. They all look the same.

Why did you become a tattooer?

In 2004 I had a scar so I went to get a tattoo to cover it. I bought a machine and got into it and practiced a lot!

What did you practice on?

I used to drive lorries for a living and lorry drivers like tattoos so I had plenty of skin to practice on. I did it mostly for free.

What are your prices?

All day sessions 800-1000 PLN but I also do small tattoos for 100 PLN even.

You seem like a fun guy. What is the craziest tattoo you have done?

Hahaha. Sure. I like to be happy and make others happy too. Actually Patricia tattoed one of the craziest tattoos. She tattooed a gay Austrians asshole once. hahaha.

Hahaha. Its been a pleasure speaking with you. Finally. Have you any limits on what you will do?

No. This is a clinic and I am a doctor ?

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