Barber shops are opening almost as fast as tattoo studios. They all offer their own unique atmosphere and comfort but who is the best barber? Where can we find the man who we can call ‘The best barber in Poland? Well, if we take awards into account then this man is called Kamil Cesarski!

The Hairdressing World Championship that took place in Paris in September 2018 and the Polish National Team this year had as many as 16 competitors and was the most numerous in history. In this group was Kamil Cesarski who took 8th place in the world and was the best of the Poles in the barber category. Streetwise spoke to Kamil in Gdańsk in his barbershop called YES!

Hi Kamil. When did you open YES barbershop?

YES as a brand has been around for 20 years . The barber shop in Aioli opened the same time when the restaurant opened.

Why the name YES?

It stands for Young, Energy, Style

Why in English?

I was always fascinated with Toni & Guy so maybe they inspired me.

You first opened YES 20 years ago in Gdynia. How much was a haircut back then?

About 25 PLN

Sounds expensive for 20 years ago!


And now?

With me, it costs 90 PLN. You can get it a little cheaper with some of my barbers.

Are you a barber or hairdresser?

Rather a barber.

Why did you become a barber?

I remember one Christmas sitting in a barber chair having a haircut and I got interested in the skill and art of cutting hair. It was fascinating for me.

Your last competition?

2018 in Paris at the world championships. I came 8th in the world but 1st in Poland.

Wow. You will go again in 2019?

Sure. I will try to get 1st place this time. Its difficult because all the barbers in the competition are great. The diffference between losing an winning is absolutely tiny!

Who is your main competitor?

My own weaknesses

Why do you bother?

Its a challenge for me. Plus it helps me get better and better

Can anybody be a top barber?

Not sure. I know its a lot of work. You definately need a sense of style!

Are women or men clients more fussy?

Thats a silly question ?

Posted by YES Barber SHOP X AïOLI Gdańsk on Saturday, November 18, 2017

Was it your idea to open in Aioli?

The owner of Aioli approcahed me with a propostion and I liked it very much so I went for it.

Do you get food for free?

Hahaha. Unfortunately not, but I and the crew get some good discounts ?

Do you train your barbers?

Of course! 3 of them started from zero and went through my barber program. I saw how talented they were so I offered them all jobs ?

You partner must be happy beacuse she gets free haircuts from you, right?

Hahaha. Nothing is for free!

Did you think 20 years ago that barbershops would be so popular?

I could see in America and the UK it was popular there so it was just a matter of time before it reached Poland.

Who cuts you hair?

Hahaha. My guys in the barbershop.

I heard you have an education programme…

Yes. I travel around Poland with workshops. Its called Barber Style Workshop and its very popular right now.

The workshops are for free?

Like I said. Nothing is for free.

Its been fun meeting you. Finally, if a young person is thinking to be a hairdresser/barber. What advice would you give them?

Come to my workshops ?

If you’re interested in being a barber, then click here and see when the next workshop is on. You might as well be taught by the best, right?

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