A few days ago a traffic accident map appeared on the policja.pl website showing only fatal accidents! This map is updated every day and having checked it over the last few days, I see new black dots appearing all over the map! What’s even more frightening is these statistics are only from the start of the school holidays just five days ago! After 5 days there have been 74 fatal car crashes!  I hate to think about how this map will look in 2 months.

As we read on the website of Policja.pl – the map was created as a visualization to appeal to the imagination of drivers and hopefully make them drive extra safe. Its creators would like to draw attention to the scale of the tragedy. And this, as the first day’s show, is huge. 

The map below was updated 30.06.2019. Click on the map to see the latest statistics. Flashing dots signify a fatal crash on this day. Black dots are deaths since the holidays began.

We hope the rate of currents deaths on the roads this summer slow down substantially. At current rates, Poland is looking at well over 1000 fatal car crashes by the end of the holidays! Thats truly shocking. Drive safe people!

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