Defrosting of the economy is ongoing, but tattooists in Poland still cannot return to work. When the government decided to close the cosmetics, tattoo and hairdressing salons, tattoo studio owners had no problem complying with this decision. It was about people’s safety, so nobody fought it.

In tattoo parlors, strict hygiene rules have always been followed. In March, when people killed for even a bottle of disinfectant, each tattoo artist had at least a few liters in their studio. It was similar with a supply of disposable gloves and masks. Every serious tattoo artist is pedantic to pain and very attentive at work. Most of them used masks before the pandemic, everyone always works with gloves, even for the smallest tattoo, all instruments are subjected to disinfection, used needles are disposed of, chairs, tables and machines are cleaned. There is no sloppiness in this profession.

That is why it is difficult to understand why the re-opening of tattoo parlors has been put off by the government for later. On the other hand, it is not difficult to guess what is behind this decision. According to tattoists, they say the government think that since the needle moves and touches the skin, the risk of infection is greater than when you touch someone’s head while cutting their hair. But this is far from the truth.

There is no direct contact between the tattoo artist and the clients. They have gloves and a mask. Everything is cleaned before the client arrives with disinfectant liquids. There is a greater risk that they will fall ill by touching the door handle on the staircase than by getting a tattoo.

The number of clients is also important. When you do two tattoos a day, it is easier to ensure an adequate level of cleanliness and hygiene, than when clients at the beautician exchange every 30 minutes.

The mood among tattoo artists is not good. The fact that the government did not allow them to return to work at the same time as other salons is incomprehensible to them. The beliefs of many people are based on ignorance and prejudice against tattoo artists and “piercers”. 

When you really think about it, you can’t blame tattoo artists for feeling let down by the government. They do have a point!

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