With most tattoo studios being in the center of Poznań, Streetwise decided to look for a studio a little further afield. We found tucked away on a street off Głógowska a small studio called Hexada so we popped in and spoke to the owner Wojtek Dobropolski a.k.a. blxck_mess

Hi Wojtek. How long have you been in the business?

Professionaly since 2015

And not professionaly?

I was tattoing friends at home since 2011

So you could draw?

Yes, but I wasn’t that good at the beginning so I trained myself with many styles. I used my body to practice on. It was a bit of a mess ?

So what style are you most comfortable with?

Many styles but Im very much into colors again right now.

Why did you open your studio outside of the city center?

Cheap rent ?

I see you have many comics here in the studio?

Yes. I love comics from Dc comics to Marvel comics. Im into this superhero shit ?

Who is your favorite superhero?

hahaha. I always prefer the villains. 2 Face from Batman is probably my favorite.

What superpower would you choose?

Recovery power like in Wolverine. That would be awesome!

Why havent you transfered your passion to your tattoos?

Too many people doing it. I prefer to draw a skull with hair ?

How would you describe your style right now?

Modern square cartoon lines, but i’m always evolving.

Is it hard to find a space in this saturated industry?

It was easier 20 years ago for sure. I treat this place as my atelier where I can practice my skills and share it with others.

Have you ever been in a fight?

Some small shit when I was a kid maybe but nothing serious. Im not a fighter.

What does HEXADA mean?

Infinate number of 6’s

How many tattoos do you have?

19 or 20

First one?

I was 20 and I made it myself. It was an old school rose on my leg but I have covered it with some blackwork.

Did your parents like it at the time?

Hahaha. No way. I was making it in my room and my mother came in and asked what I was doing. I told her I was tattooing myself. She was so shocked and left the room. We never spoke about it again. She hates tattoos.

So she is upset with your career choice?

As long as we don’t talk about it we get on fine. She cannot understand the fascination with tattoos.

Would you tattoo a whole face?

We would have to have a serious chat first.

How about a 12 year old?

No way. Thats crazy!!!

Its been a pleasure meeting you. We love your projects. How do you see the future?

Definately in this business. I always wanted to live in London or New York so lets see what happens.

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