Black Skulls Tattoo Studio and Barber Shop recently opened in Szczecin and brings a new dimension to the city. With a colorful owner, talented barbers, and creative artists, Black Skulls definitely means business. We spoke to owner Peter to find out their plans…

Hi Peter. When did you guys open?

Hi. We opened in November 2018

Your from Denmark?


You opened a tattoo studio and barber shop in one. Are you the first in Szczecin?

As far as I know we are the only one. Would you like one of our barbers to trim your beard?

Hahaha. Sure, thanks. I will interview you in the meantime ? When did you get your first tattoo?

I was 17 years old back in Denmark. I remember I was a bit of a bad boy back in the day and the police were chasing me over some teenager mischief or something. I jumped into a random shop to hide and it just happened to be a tattoo studio.

I was a skinny kid back then and there was this huge guy in the shop who angrily asked me what I was doing and I realised where I was so I quickly asked him what I could have for 200 Danish Krone. He said I could have a small eagle and that was how I got my first tattoo!

Did the cops find you?

Hahaha. No

Do you still have the Eagle?

No. I covered it up as it wasnt very good but it was the first of many. I think ive had more than 40 sessions since that day!

I see you like skulls…

Yes. I had a bike accident and I nearly died and since then I have been attracted to skulls. Maybe its because I had a near death experience. I’m not sure. Its quite a dark thing to be into but I’m not a dark person. I’m a family man with 6 kids!

I heard you donate alot of money to children?

I love children. We donate 10% of our profits to a small orphanage with 6 kids in Szczecin. We hope to pay for an amazing holiday for them. They deserve it!

Wow! Thats really nice. I heard you also give gifts away for your clients?

Sure. For every 50PLN you spend here, you get a ticket which can win you a Samsung Galaxy A7. The draw is in February and the winner will be announced. We will offer different prizes every couple of months.

So if I get a tattoo for 500PLN I will get 10 tickets?

Of course!

I see your a Harley Davidson man?

Yes. I love Harleys. I have a 2017 model called Breakout. I decided to get it pimped this year from top to bottom. Its currently getting it sprayed.

With Skulls?

Hahaha. yes. Good guess!

Are you doing it yourself?

Sort of. I’m a partner in an airbrush studio here in Szczecin called Patisson Art Studio. and it’s going to be our showpiece. My partner Wladimir is a genius with an airbrush. It will be ready around Christmas time. I invite you to come and see it when it’s done. Otherwise, I’m sure you will see me riding it around town anyway.

Well it’s been a pleasure talking with you. I love what you are doing here at Black Skulls. You are an entrepreneur. Any plans for the future?

I’m always thinking of new ideas but for now I’m focusing on Black Skulls and the airbrush studio. I’m looking forward to 2019!

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