School on Saturdays for students is to help unload the crowds in the most crowded high schools in Warsaw, in which there may be no places for everyone interested. This is the effect of the reform of education conducted by PiS.

In September 2019, secondary school graduates will number close to 772 thousand students. That is more than twice as many as recent years.

The plan of the capital authorities does not involve education 6 days a week though. There will still be a 5-day learning week, only some students will go to school from Monday to Friday, others from Tuesday to Saturday.

Is it legal?“Rzeczpospolita” asked a spokesperson of the Ministry of National Education. It turns out that the provisions of educational law provide for the possibility of organizing classes on Saturdays when the ratio of the number of school branches to classrooms is at least two. And the decision on extending the teaching on weekends is made by the headmaster after consulting the school and teaching council.

When these regulations come into force, we are sure high school students will be overjoyed! Like their parents and teachers will be also. This is not just about classes on Saturdays but will change many peoples daily routines. We for one don’t like the idea but maybe it’s just about getting our heads around it.
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