Since launching in Szczecin, Streetwise has been walking the streets to find the best restaurants in town. Although Szczecin is still arguably a few years behind in terms of infrastructure compared to other Polish cities, the same cannot be said about its eateries! We have come across dozens of great places and below are just a few of them. The following list is in no particular order and is not a ranking. PART II coming up soon! TIP: You can click on the names of the restaurants to be directed to their FB page.

Ali na Deptaku

Kebab Egyptian style. Located on Szczecins trendy Deptak Bogusława, Ali will blow you away with his take on fast food!

Having tried various kebab outlets, Ali na Deptaku is one of our favorites. Expect fresh ingredients served with a smile. The owner Ali has a great sense of pride in what he does and his personality will cheer you up no matter what your mood.

With an outside seating area, great location, great food and beer, Ali na Deptaku has it all. Conversation starter: Ask Ali about who his idol is. The picture hanging on the wall might give it away. Highly recommended!


Prasad is the child of Magdalena Lachowicz, who hasn’t eaten meat for years, practices yoga, meditates, and is also interested in Eastern philosophy. She is also probably Szczecins friendliest business owner we have met!

It’s a charming place where the food can be described as a fusion of Polish-Indian flavors. Vegetarians, vegans and people who avoid gluten, hardened fats, artificial colors, flavors and spices containing monosodium glutamate can come here knowing that Magdalena’s high standards are second to none.

Expect such concoctions such as parsley cream soup with the addition of zucchini and kiwi or rice chops with cauliflower curry, new potatoes in their skins with dill and scallop cucumber. Delicious! The food is really fresh so every day you will find something different on the menu. Highly recommended!

Koku Sushi

KOKU Sushi Restaurant was created for guests who are looking for new culinary experiences and original combinations of flavors.

The cozy interior maintained in the characteristic cherry blossom harmony will allow you to spend time pleasantly.

KOKU Sushi will surprise you with its original approach to the art of preparing this centuries-old dish with some original combinations. Definitely one of Szczecin’s best Sushi restaurants.

Ziemniak i Spółka

The main role here is played by huge, baked potatoes. The owner buys them from Polish farmers who select special varieties and sizes just for them.
The baked potatoes are cut and prepared with butter, salt and cheese unless you choose the vegan option without the cheese.

All the stuffings are made exclusively in-house and with dozens of fillings, there is something for everyone. Great location on the corner of fashionable Deptak Bogusława, it provides a gateway to what else is to come. As far as we know they are the only baked potato restaurants in town. It’s definitely the best. Highly recommended!


Porky Restaurant is a modern place specializing in pulled pork, long roasted and marinated for 12 hours in a proprietary combination of spices. Carefully selected ingredients and own sauces create the perfect combination for the best burgers from Pulled Pork in Szczecin. 

Every day from 8:00 they also offer delicious breakfasts. Their specialty is dry waffles, and among them, you will find compositions with fried egg, frankfurters or pulled pork, and the vege version with goat cheese and beetroot.

Designer interior and surprising kitchen are probably the right arguments for visiting Porky. Very cool!

Słódy Multitap & Bistro

Słody multitap and bistro is the kind of venue that, even if the food weren’t delicious (spoiler alert: it is), would be worth visiting just for the building itself. With its entrance off Plac Tobrucki, Słody is located on a lower floor of the Czerwony Ratusz (Red Town Hall), originally constructed in the 1870s and rebuilt, like much of Szczecin, after its destruction in the Second World War.

Dishes on offer range from bar snacks through to main courses, with a focus on fresh, local ingredients and a mix of traditional regional fare and “traditional” bar food. If you’re looking to sample some Polish flavor, look no further than the paprykarz, made on site in Słody’s kitchen using fresh, local fish.

Burgers are also a specialty at Słody, and what they have on offer are a cut above the standard pub fare: fresh, homemade buns, fresh salad, and perfectly cooked meat, served with a very satisfying side of fries. We love it!

Wol i Krowa

A transparent industrial-style interior with lush vegetation, relaxing music, friendly waiters, and delicious food. 

Established in 2015, the menu is built around real, juicy beef. Although Therefore, they also offer you not only burgers, but also great soups, various main dishes, including pasta and salads. 

Everything is topped with a perfect combination of spices and unusual flavors which is probably why they received an award by LOGO for being one of the ten best restaurants in Poland! One of Szczecins fast food kings!

Zic Zac Diner

In a Galaxy far, far away…… well, just across the road from Galaxy shopping center actually, at Aleja Wyzwolenia 31, you will find Szczecin’s very own American Diner, Zic Zac. The diner has been open for about 2 years now and is right in the middle of town. There is parking right outside if you can find a space or just take the tram or bus to Plac Rodla and it is 2 minutes’ walk.

The owner, Wojtech who grew up in Szczecin, has created his own personal vision of what the classic all-American establishment should be. From the elegant retro bar stools at the stretched-out bar to the red vinyl booths looking out over busy Szczecin life.

There are menus in English and Polish, including a wide selection of breakfast choices from 09:00 to 12:00 every day, with a free filter coffee refill! The menu is vast but we recommend the Pastrami Burger with fries and the BBQ Ribs. And to wash it all down an American style milkshake. Delicious!

So, for those who fancy a step back in time, no need to travel down Route 66, when you can hightail it to the centre of Szczecin instead – Uncle Sam wants you!

Kitchen Meet & Eat

The restaurant is situated on the bank of the river almost directly across the road from the old town and faces the building and the Ładoga ship. There is both indoor and outdoor seating, although indoor-only during the winter months.

The Kitchen specializes in fish and shellfish, although there are steaks and burgers as well. The restaurant owner, Olga, explained the history, having grown up in and around her parents’ busy and respected restaurant, Chief, in Szczecin Centrum. Her parents sought the best fish suppliers and today Olga continues that tradition.

Definitely one of the better choices when eating next to the river. We recommend the Blue Mussels. When we tried them they were really outstanding and we would probably go as far to say these are the best we have tasted in Szczecin!

Gyro Mania

Gyro Mania is the first traditional Greek street food in Poland. They serve dishes that have been stealing the hearts of millions of people around the world for years. Natural fresh ingredients. Excellent taste. Greek tradition.

The owners are driven by a sincere passion for Greek food. The menu was even prepared by a Greek family member to add authenticity.

We love the idea of Greek fast food and found the food to be absolutely delicious. Highly recommended as an alternative to normal kebabs!

Roll n Go

Roll’n go is a place where you don’t have to wait for your sushi. Fresh rolls in a convenient form “to hand” are waiting for you! They have different types of rolls, among others with raw or baked salmon and shrimp or tuna.

In addition to sushi rolls, you’ll also find Buddha Bowls, or bowls with rice. They also always have vegan options for both Rolls and Buddha bowls so you won’t be disappointed!

Every now and then they make various crazy sushi variations, such as: sushi pizza, sushi burgers, onigiri. You can even order a sushi cake! When it comes to take-away sushi, Roll n Go is king!

Winebar Cafe Niebo

Heaven – we all want to get there, right? Here you go! We can even give you the exact address in Szczecin! Niebo (heaven) Wine Bar Café seated in the heart of the old town next to the castle is the place you cannot miss when exploring Szczecin.

Niebo serves slow-food Mediterranean cuisine with a local touch. Every course is prepared from scratch using top-quality Italian ingredients, fish from the local fish farms, fruits from the local orchards as well as herbs planted and harvested on the spot in the restaurant. Even the water has been carefully selected. Acqua Panna served in Niebo is the most neutral water which will not interfere with the taste of the food.

Niebo is truly Mediterranean in its nature – pasta and ravioli are handcrafted by the cooks in the restaurant using Niebo’s secret recipe. The products are top-notch but the food is simple. Why? Because it is all about the taste and healthy lifestyle. That is why you will not find any pizza, French fries or deep-fried dishes here. Highly recommended!

Paprykarz Fish Market

Inspired by the tradition of port cities, the owners of Paprykarz decided to create a place modeled on the local fish market. Once inside, you even feel like you are in a local port fish market. Focused on quality and freshness, they acquire fresh seafood and fish every morning. They offer, among others amazing oysters, grilled calamari, shrimps, mussels or octopus.

The best is they don’t try to over-complicate their dishes and their focus is on keeping the food simple, based on seasonal products, home-baked bread and pasta made in house.

Paprykarz Fishmarket is a place where passion for cooking combined with high-quality products makes every visit a new culinary experience. Probably the best fish restaurant in town!

El Tapatio

In the heart of Szczecin, the owners have created a cozy Mexican restaurant, deliciously tasty cuisine, based on the original “Mexican recipes served by a native Mexican.

The restaurant’s decor has been designed in a clearly recognizable, unique Mexican style which adds to the Latino atmosphere.

Expect all the classics such as burritos, quesadillas and tacos which and are served in a mild, spicy or very spicy version. The best Mexican food in town!

Restauracja Emilio

Emilio is an Italian restaurant next to Plac Grunwaldzki. The restaurant is run by Iwona and Amanda – a mother and her daughter who invite their guests on a culinary journey to Italy. They have both fallen for Italy and the Italian way of sharing festive meals with family and friend.

A short menu available in three languages – Polish, English and German – offers you a variety of antipasti, pasta, risotto, soups, salads, fish and meat dishes. All products are Italian – even water, wine, and coffee. Apart from the permanent menu, you can order seasonal dishes and specialties of the restaurant. 

Whether you choose a plate of antipasti consisting of Italian salami, prosciutto, and grilled vegetables or Pasta Alla Forma where Pasta fresca delivered straight from Italy is mixed in front of you over a huge Grana Padano cheese you will be blown away by the level of the food and service. Highly recommended!

Bistro na Językach

On entering, Bistro Na Językach strikes the visitor with its airiness – it’s not one of those cramped restaurants where one has to squeeze between tables to pass through; its minimalist interior is designed in Scandinavian style, with ample room and light.

The floor-to-ceiling windows overlook the hustle and bustle of Szczecin’s center, with a good view of the picturesque 18th-century Harbour Gate, the internal walls are made of glass, and there’s even an ‘aquarium’ – a glass enclosure with sliding doors, designed for meetings in a more intimate setting.

The bistro formula means that the food is served at a buffet where everything is on display, and the waiting times are kept to a minimum. Thanks to the varied menu, everyone can find something to their liking here. The restaurant serves traditional Polish dishes, such as dumplings, roast duck or schabowy, ie breaded pork schnitzel, but there’s also delicious, spicy Thai soup or, for an Italian flavor, baked aubergine with feta cheese and tomatoes. Plus there is a large choice of side dishes – baby potatoes, green beans, creamed spinach, and carrot-and-apple salad, to name just a few. Something for everyone. Perfect when time is not on your side!

Public Fontanny

If you’re looking for a cozy, unassuming restaurant serving excellent food in the center of Szczecin, Public Fontanny is a great choice. It has been operating for about 15 years, which is quite long for Szczecin, where a lot of places disappear a few years from opening – that alone is a good indicator of its quality.

The owners pride themselves on the fact that for the last three years, Public Fontanny has been featured in the prestigious Gault & Millau restaurant guide. No easy feat!

The restaurant specializes in pizza, pasta, and salads, with some other items, such as pad thai, thrown in. We recommend the bouillabaisse. This pizza, made on thin crust, is reputedly the best in Szczecin. Try the Peperone, with salami, grana Padano cheese, and mozzarella! Delicious!

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