“I do not want to have children and I do not like children” doesn’t seem very tolerant at all but such people exist and it must be respected. In addition, you do not have to dislike children to just want to rest from them. Maybe you are on a romantic date and don’t want a screaming kid cramping your style. 

If you’ve ever had a train ride during the holiday season, then you’ve probably come across kids running around the train and screaming and shouting. Especially in the summer heat, it can be frustrating for some people. But then they are only children, right?

Believe it or not though, many trains nowadays have a child-free carriage you just need to look out for it.

Restaurants are a place to relax for most of us but are noisy kids really a problem? A common complaint goes like this…

– I already had dinner ordered when a family with three small children entered. Suddenly one of them began to cry unmercifully. He was probably hungry, it was understandable. And it would not be anything extraordinary if it were not for the fact that his mother did not react for 10 minutes. Not only that, the other two started running around the whole restaurant shouting and squeaking. The parent were not doing anything!”.

Many parents do not see a problem with that behavior. They assume that everyone likes children and it does not bother them. Fortunately, these type of children and parents are in the minority. There are also children who are polite and do not need to be calmed down. 

For those searching for places without children, its not an easy place to find although this trend is changing. There are three such places in Warsaw for example.

You can find them thanks to the website Bez-dzieci.pl , which has created a dedicated website for places with no children. Only a few years ago there were no such places but as you can see on the map they are becoming more common.

The owners of the site go on to say ” Our application was created in response to the growing need of the community to look for child-free rest places in Poland. Similar applications are already popular in the West, but in Poland, this is the first solution of this type”.

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