Strzyga Tattoo Studio in Łódź was founded in 2015 by tattooist Maciej Karśnicki with the help of his close friend Rafał Szula. Since then, Strzyga became a place where many apprentices started their adventure with tattooing, due to the fact that Maciej is known for being very open and helpful to anyone who really wants to learn. Streetwise met up in Łódź with Maciej in his studio to find out how it all got started.

Hi Maciej. When did you open Strzyga Tattoo?

3 Years ago. We have been about a year in this location though.

Are you an artist or an owner?

Im both but an artist first and owner second.

When did you have your first tattoo?

I was 16 and it was a dragon which I chose from a catalogue. It was crap!

Do you still have it?

Nooo. I covered it up thank God!

And now?

I have around 7 tattoos right now with more to come of course!

Open your own business moment?

I had many shitty jobs and I hated them all! As soon as I had a few tattoos I decided to open my own place.

Could you draw?

I loved drawing since I was a kid.

Did you get some experience tattoing first?

Sure. I got a sort of apprentice job in a studio in Łódź.

What is your favorite style?

Black work/darkwork

Do you remember the first tattoo you made on someone?

Yup. I done it on a friend where I was working as an apprentice.

Did he like it?

He still has it after all these years so im sure he does.

Is it difficult to translate your drawing skills to skin?

At first it was very difficult. But I was a quick learner ?

Was it expensive to open a studio?

Yes, but luckily I had a friend with some money who invested in the studio. We are still partners but he is rather what we call a silent partner.

Are there too many studios now?

Not at all. I think competition is good for everyone. It makes the level of tattoo artists higher. Its like evolution. The next generations gets better and better.

How do Polish artists rank in your opinion?

We have some of the best artists in the world. Certainly there are more really good artists (artisticaly) as a whole in Poland than many other European countries.

Have you ever fucked up a tattoo?

Every tattoo artist has but I found a way to correct it:)

Did the client realise?


Favorite tattoo artist?

Robert Borbas a.k.a. grindesign. He is a master at blackwork from Hungary. I met him a few times at various conventions.

Would you tattoo a whole face?


Why not?

Not cool in my opinion.

Are your clients more girls or boys?

As a studio I would say its 50/50 although I personally get more girls.

Why? Maybe its because your a good looking guy!

Hahaha. I think they like my tattoos rather!

More important? Studios or artists?

Artists definately!

Have you heard that some people are saying tattoos can give cancer?

Nonsense. There is no scientific proof and tattoos have been around for centuries! There is more chance to get cancer from the rubbish we eat everyday!

Its been a pleasure speaking with you. Finally, what do you look for when you take on a new artist?

They must know how to draw very well freehand. I think I can teach them how to tattoo skin. We also look for a new style which we can offer clients.

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