When we came across Poznan band Mean Machine and lead singer Tomasz’s voice, it reminded us so much of legendary Led Zeppelin, we just had to interview them. We met up with the newest members of the band lead singer Tomasz and drummer Mathew.

Hi. Why the name Mean Machine?

The original band members loved the movie with the same name and it must have inspired them!

When was the band formed?

About 10 years ago. We joined the band around 4 years ago after a couple of the band members left to do other things.

Who are the band members?

We have Tomasz (lead singer), Mathew (me – drummer), Radek (guitarist) and Norbert (bass player).


We don’t really like this word but you can say we play vintage rock.


Of course Led Zeppelin but also Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, and Lynyrd Skynyrd I would say.

You have an unusual situation with Mean Machine, right?

Mathew (Drummer) – Hahaha. You could say that. Tomasz the lead singer is my dad!

Who writes the lyrics?

Mathew – My dad mostly ?

Tomasz. You are a family man. Do you feel younger since joining the band?


Mathew. What changes have you seen in your dad?

He looks younger for sure. His dress sense has improved a lot also ? He a pretty cool dad!

What are you guys currently working on?

We released an album not long ago with 11 tracks and a couple of videos so we are planning a mini-tour in the spring. We are also working on some new material.

What’s the dream?

Our dreams are month by month. First was to write some songs. Then the album and videos. Next up is the tour. Let’s see how it goes from there ?

We really like the video for Ona nie słucha. Who is the girl with the red lipstick?

Mathew – Hahaha. She is my sister. We all think she has done an amazing job!

and the driver? Is that another family member?

Hahaha. No. He is the lead singer of Muchy which is a very well known Poznan band. They were invited to perform at the Off Festival this year.

Well, we love what you guys are doing. Where can people buy your cd?

You should visit our Facebook page. There you can see our videos and future announcements of our upcoming tour.

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