The project will be carried out in Poznan’s schools by the Stonewall group, which declares: “Our goal is also education, we contrast solid knowledge with prejudices and myths, for the benefit of everyone!”

At the beginning of June, Poznan authorities announced that money from the city coffers would be spent on educating teachers on the subject of the fight against homophobia and transphobia.

“School as a zone free from homophobia and transphobia” is one of the projects that won a competition for the implementation of educational and awareness-raising activities in the field of equality and diversity for staff working with children.

The city of Poznań rightly recognized that there is no place for homophobia in a democratic country. The detailed plan for using the funds intended for this purpose is not yet known. It is known that there will definitely be an open lecture on preventing school homophobia and transphobia in the light of Polish and international law. In addition, anti-discrimination training and workshops will be announced. They will be directed primarily to school teachers and educators.

The Stonewall Group will receive 23000 PLN. It is an association that not only integrates supporters of LGBT + equality, but actively supports people who are discriminated against. It offers free individual psychological consultations for LGBT + people and their families.

However, not everyone liked the city’s decision and are trying to block this project. The Confederation expressed its opposition, which supported the citizens’ petition already submitted to the Poznań city hall against funding for this project. “We are a tolerant environment. We are simply against public funding of this type of organization and environment, ” Jacek Olszewski from the KORWiN party commented on  He went on to say “If they want to organize such things, with their own money then that’s fine. We do not want the city president, any minister or official to co-operate. 

Lets see what comes of this appeal. Let’s hope Stonewall get to realise their project because Poland’s future youth depend on it!

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