The Big Seven Travel portal has selected the top 50 vegan places in Europe. The choices of pubs were made through social media – over 1.5 million community of the Big Seven Travel portal gave their votes in polls. The criteria for the selection was very simple – they had to be located in Europe, and their menu is to be 100% based on plant ingredients.

Vegan Ramen Shop and Vegab on the list of the best vegan European restaurants.

Among the 50 places awarded was the Warsaw Vegan Ramen Shop, which ranked 47th and we are not surprised at all. If you want to know how good the food is in the Vegan Ramen Shop, be sure to go to their premises – it’s worth the queue because they don’t make reservations.

The second place is Vegab, a vegan kebab with queues every day in Krakow’s Starowiślna. Vegab found itself very high and was ranked 7th in the Big Seven Travel ranking. The pub run by Francesco and Magda Addario was awarded not for the first time in the rankings of the best vegan places.

List of the best vegan pubs in Europe according to the Big Seven Travel portal:

50.Frittenwerk, Frankfurt, Germany

49.Fat Pumpkin, Riga, Latvia

48.Le Botaniste, Ghent, Belgium

47.Vegan Ramen Shop, Warsaw, Poland

46.da Terra Bairro Alto – Lisbon, Portugal

45.Cam Domingo, Ibiza, Spain

44. Blackbird, Gothenburg, Sweden

43.Tassajara, Hamburg, Germany

42.Beet, Luxembourg, Luxembourg

41.Kozmosz, Budapest, Hungary

40.7 St. Georges Tavern – Paphos, Cyprus

39.Le Potager de Charlotte, Paris, France

38.Il Margutta, Rome, Italy

37.Balance Bowl, Gzira, Malta

36.Maitrea, Prague, Czech Republic

35.Zrno Bio Bistro, Zagreb, Croatia

34.AtayaCaffe, Berlin, Germany

33.Arome, Bucharest, Romania

32.Sesamo, Barcelona, ​​Spain

31.Sanskruti, Liverpool, United Kingdom

30.42 Degres, Paris, France

29.GustaV, Salzburg, Austria

28.Simpsons, Birmingham, United Kingdom

27. Grön, Helsinki, Finland

26.Recollets, Antwerp, Belgium

25.Kucha, Ljubljana, Slovenia

24.Vegan Food Project, Lisbon, Portugal

23. Bistro Level, Madrid, Spain

22.Bun2Bun, Helsinki, Finland

21.Made with Laf, Bratislava, Slovakia

20.Sova Vegan Food Bucher, Dublin, Ireland

19.V Vegan Restoran, Talin, Estonia

18.Veve, Copenhagen, Denmark

17.Vegan Food & Sweet Bar, Brno, Czech Republic

16.Marits Eedkamer, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

15.Culina Hortus, Lyon, France

14. The Allotment Vegan Eatery, Manchester, United Kingdom

13.Sally Voltaire & Systrar, Stockholm, Sweden

12.Arabelle, Marchin, Belgium

11.Mr & Mrs Watson, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

10.Joia, Milan, Italy

9.Lucky Leek, Berlin, Germany

8. Acorn, Bath, United Kingdom

7.Vegab, Kraków, Poland

6.Miss Saigon, Lisbon, Portugal

5.Gemyse, Copenhagen, Denmark

4.Kopps, Berlin, Germany

3.Pied a Terre, London, United Kingdom

2.Great Bistro, Budapest, Hungary

1.Soul Kitchen, Turin, Italy

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