The Polish health service is lacking in some areas. That’s hardly surprising since it only spends € 700 per capita, which is one of the lowest in Europe. The data comes from the latest Eurostat report.

Compared to the rest of the Member States, Polish healthcare spending is not impressive. The most spent is in Luxembourg with 5,600 euro per head. Sweden was right behind with 5100 euros and Denmark 5000 euros per head.

Poland, with its EUR 700 per capita, surpassed only Bulgaria – EUR 600 and Romania – EUR 400.

Looking at the positive though, it’s a good argument that throwing money at something is not always the solution. When it comes to saving patients’ lives, Polish doctors occupy fifth place in Europe. So we can assume that the level of doctors here in Poland is higher than in many other countries. 

The percentage of deaths that could be avoided in Poland is 29.9 percent. Contrary to appearances, it is lower than the European average (33.1 percent). That’s not much worse than in the “safest” country France (23.6%) and much better than in Romania, where the percentage of “avoidable deaths” is at a crazy 45 percent!!! 

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