The warmer months are ahead of us which makes us spend more time than usual in water. But, inattention, bravado, and alcohol can quickly turn a happy day to a disaster.

Since the beginning of June, 42 people have already drowned, from April – nearly 100.

Police statistics on drowning are dramatic – less than two weeks into June has brought 42 deaths and since April there are 100 deaths from drowning. The numbers are higher than average probably due to the unusually hot weather. In the whole of last year, there were 545 drownings. The most common reason was swimming in a forbidden place and alcohol. 

Jumping and diving into rivers is also high on the list of causes of drowning. Surprisingly, falling asleep drunk on a mattress while floating on water is also on the list. A sudden interruption of sleep has caused people to roll off the mattress and drown due to panicking and being intoxicated.

Others just couldn’t swim but fell asleep on the mattress and ended up in deep water, panicked, fell off the mattress and drowned.

Also, people underestimate the distance they have swan from the shoreline. Numerous people have decided to swim to the other side of a lake, only to realize too late it was further than they imagined and get stuck in the middle of the lake exhausted and nobody around to help.

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