Walking around this weekend, it’s noticeable that people have forgotten about the coronavirus. Mask’s are off and even shops seem to have relaxed their standards with many people entering shops maskless without confrontation. It seemed almost unreal. Could it really be that we have turned a corner and we are no longer at any risk of contacting the virus?

Well, on Saturday, June 6, it was the worst epidemic day in Poland so far. The Ministry of Health announced 576 new infections. Thus, Poland on Saturday had more daily cases than those European countries that are said to have the largest outbreaks of coronavirus.

A total of 576 new cases of coronavirus were recorded in Poland , and in Spain “only” 332 people. There were 270 infected in Italy on Saturday and 253 in Germany.

According to Worldometers.info statistics, it is only slightly worse in France, where 579 cases were reported and 883 new carriers were recorded in Belarus. In the UK, the situation is still very dramatic – the daily number of infected was 1557. In other European countries, there were fewer infections on Saturday than on the Vistula.

The whole situation seems bizarre with infection rates going up, yet people are not worried anymore. Let’s hope the herd tactic works out otherwise we could see an even bigger second wave around the corner.

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