Hi Szymon. When did you open Dirty Lust?

In 2012.

How old were you when you had your first tattoo?

I was about 17. It was some type of Japanese sign on my back. I didnt even know what it meant!

Do you still have it?

Sure. I have better ones now but this one is on my back so it doesn’t bother me. I haven’t seen it for about 10 years. Hahaha.

What was your first ever job?

Painting and decorating.

Did you have a moment when you knew you wanted to open a studio?

Not really. Actually, I was getting a tattoo done by a tattoo artist called Iwona who eventually became my girlfriend. After a few months together we decided to open our own studio.

Who chose the name?

We chose it together. We were looking for pirate names and came across a ship called Dirty Lust and we thought it was kinda cool.

Why pirate names?

We hadn’t seen a studio with a pirate name so we went with the nautical theme. Plus I love the sea. Since opening, we have collected various ornaments connected to the sea and pirates. It was fun for us.

You into watersports?

Wakeboarding is my passion. Im into it bigtime right now.

So where are the best wakeparks in Poland?

Stawiki Wakepark in Silesia is cool otherwise Brwinów Wake Family in Warsaw is pretty good also.

Your not a tattoo artist. Have you ever tried to make a tattoo?

Hahaha. Once, but it didnt work out. It was an anchor on my friend. Actually he still has it so it cant be too bad!

How many tats do you have?

More than 20 sessions for sure.

How many artists at Dirty Lust?

We started with 2 and now I have 8. We grew pretty fast. We joined the boom in 2012 and its been a crazy ride.

Do you have a favorite artist?

Yeah. An American dude called David Tevenal. I was lucky to have a tattoo made by him in Kraków.

Whats your favorite style?

Neo Traditional, old school and cartoons.

Do clients tip in this business?

Generally no. Its not customary in Poland for tips but for sure some clients do.

What is the most popular age group getting tattoos nowadays?

All age groups get tattoos but I have seen an increase in 17 and 18 year olds. They seem to be getting younger and younger every year.

Your prefered drug of choice back in the day?

Weed and alcohol until today. Hahaha

Should weed be legalized in Poland?

Definately! Its less harmful than alcohol.

Where is the best tattoo convention in Poland?

In my opinion Warsaw and Kraków.

What do you look for in an apprentice?

Has to be an excellent artist in the first place. Personality is also another big factor. They have to fit in with our crew otherwise it’s not gonna work.

Its been a pleasure meeting you. Finaly, I see you have famous neighbors. Next door is the headquarters for PiS, right? Have you seen Kaczyński around?

Of course, many times and not only him. We see many famous people coming in and out of their building!

Do you think he has a tattoo?

Hahaha. No way!!!

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