PieRogi Vegan is one of many pierogi kitchens in Poland. However, this one takes the traditional national delicacy and adds trendy vegan (and vegetarian) options. There are currently two locations in Wrocław. The original is on Swobodna, and the new one has just opened on Więzienna street. I recently stopped by the new PieRogi Vegan on Więzienna to see just what new cuisine they’re bringing to Wrocław’s food scene.

Pierogi Vegan Fix

Located smack in the center of Wrocław’s Rynek, the hole-in-the-wall place is easily identifiable by their sign with the antlers. Restaurant co-owne, Julia, explained that the name is a bit of a visual pun. Incidentally, the Polish word for antlers is “rogi.” 

Vegan Pierogi. Photo: Chia-Luen Lee

Inside, there are several stools and tables around and a bar by the register, not a sit-down meal kind of place, PieRogi Vegan is all business. Set up more for a quick meal than a leisurely dining experience, the small place is good for a filling lunch whenever you feel like getting your pierogi fix.

Ogrodowe Pierogi

My favorite vegan choice from the menu was the Ogrodowe (garden) pierogi. Each has a mix of broccoli, spinach, garlic, and spices — I thought these stood out from the selection, but I’m a fan of spinach and broccoli anyway. As you can see from the photo, the dumplings are packed with filling — something some pierogi places skimp on. The pumpkin seeds also added a nice crunchy texture, which isn’t a typical addition to traditional pierogi.

In addition to the regular savory selection, Julia also makes sweet pierogi with fruit — but she swaps the sugar for stevia. Though I personally preferred the savory pierogi.

Brush Up on Your Polish!

Unfortunately, when I went, there was no English menu yet so you’ll have to brush up on your Polish if you’re planning a trip. Here are a few of the highlights:

Rustikalne Pierogi. Photo: Chia-Luen Lee

Rustycalna: button mushrooms, tofu, sun-dried tomatoes, and roasted sunflower seeds. (Vegan)

Leśne Pierogi. Photo: Chia-Luen Lee

Leśne: sauerkraut, boletus (a type of mushroom) and spices. (Vegan)

Mediterranean Pierogi. Photo: Chia-Luen Lee

Śródziemnomorskie: broccoli, mozzarella cheese, cottage cheese, and spices. (Vegetarian)

If you like pierogi and/or eat vegan food and want to try one of Wrocław’s new restaurants, stop by and try some.

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