Hi Paulina. Is it OK if I call you Paulina? I know in Poland its customary to say Pani.

Hi Carlos, frankly I need to say that I am a huge fan of breaking this imaginery border of Pan/Pani as soon as possible.

I truly admire our beautiful language and polish savoir vivre; however, when you are 25 years old and somebody calls you Pani … Kurka wodna do I look that old?

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania Wieslaw Jan Prusiecki

You are the daughter of the founder of City Park Mr Wieslaw Jan Prusiecki. Have you any more brothers and sisters and if so, do they also work at City Park?

I have two beautiful sisters – Asia and Pati and three lovely brothers – Maciek, Krzysiek and Paweł. We run a family business but not only at City Park. We mostly work in real estate market. Asia and Krzysiek have become parents recently. I truly admire them beeing best mum and dad ever to their babies. Pati is working in law and administration department at City Park and she also opened MANI LA beauty salon last month, Paweł is a F&B advisor and manager at our newest gastro place. Maciek takes care of Country Park “Pod Gajem”, a place in a countryside which belongs to our group.

What is your role at City Park?

In a flash – I am a marketing manager of Grupa Konkret S.A. and City Park is a part of our group. I take care of marketing, communication and quality of City Park Poznań.

You seem very young. You must have been a teenager when City Park opened, right?

Thanks Carlos! ? Actually, I have not seen City Park being built, I was abroad for a couple of years. When I came back everything was ready to be opened.

Not many people know it but City Park actually runs some of the restaurants located here. Is that right and which ones?

Yes! We do run some restaurants located at City Park. We have founded an idea of EightyEightConcept which says: we create or renew the places by take care of possibly high quality. We are close to people, we believe in simplicity and smart solutions. You are more than welcome to be our Guest at CUCINA Restaurant, Whisky Bar 88, Cigar Lounge, Pizza z Pieca, Cappuccina and UŁAN BROWAR.

You also have a flower shop, right?

Yes, flower shop Ministerstwo Kwiatów is my baby. It is more like a flower gallery, where we deliver fresh flowers every day and create our own style of bouqiets by Maria and Beata – two wonderful and artistic women, who love and understand flowers.


Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania Aldo Gucci photo
Aldo Gucci


Its no secret that City Park is expensive. I understand that the quality of restaurants is of a very high standard. Some of the best restaurants in the City are found here. Was that the strategy from the beginning?

Strategy is simple: no compromise while talking about the health. You are what you eat and we want you to know what is on your plate. That is why we wrote on the wall: “Wiem, co jem”. We give you the food and we are super responsible not only for a taste and how it looks on the plate , but also for the origins of each ingredient. As Aldo Gucci said: ” Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten.” I can’t say earn money from gastronomy. We invest money to promote our philosophy. Some people understand it, some people do not, but we are here to educate. It is an exceptional effort but on the end of the day it is worth all that work we do.

So if Mc donalds wanted to rent a unit, would that be OK? ?

It would be OK but under my conditions ? Mc Donalds by EightyEightConcept .

UŁAN BROWAR is a new addition to City Park. Its located where ALMA used to be, right? It seems to be a different strategy. Tell us about it….

UŁAN BROWAR is a brewery with our own recipe. The strategy in terms of food is the same. We try to create a place where our Guests can come, sit for a long time, talk and have a beer. We invite everybody to our ground. Do not sit at home, come, socialize, have fun.

Whats with the barriers at the entrance to City Park? Can clients not park their cars within the grounds? Or is it a pay and display?

Carlos please … There are no barriers as long as you do not create them yourself. You get 45 minutes of parking for free if this may be a problem.

Lets turn our attention to you. You must be a very busy person. Do you have any free time? Do you have some hobbies for example?

I have whole 8 hours of free time per day. What do I do? … Well … I try to sleep or do something creative instead. I love photography; moreover, the middle of the night is a perfect time to develop pictures in the dark room.

Business meetings tend to end up around a table in a restaurant. Which restaurant do you normaly choose at City Park for a business meeting?

I recommend CUCINA Restaurant for business lunches. My recent meeting tend to be while having a pedicure at MANI LA beauty salon. So much fun!

What car do you drive?:)

I drive a yellow bike. See me around ?

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania Santa Margherita, Italy.
Santa Margherita, Italy.

Whats the last place you went on holiday?

Santa Margherita, Italy.

Ski or snowboard?

But mulled wine first.

Android or iphone?


Latest book you read?

Stephen Tschudi Madsen, “Art Nouveau”.

Favourite Polish film ever?

Can’t decide. Kieślowski or Koszałka documentary films.

Polish guys or English guys? ?

I can’t see the world besides one Polish super guy.

So finally Paulina, together with PULS, City Parks restaurants are offering PULS users some great gifts when they spend money here at City Park. Please tell us about them

Yes! Since now on, our Guests can get a free coffee, a dinner with wine for 2 or a weekend for 2 at City Park Poznań for free! As you know they just need to download your fantastic app and collect points everytime they eat at one of our restaurants. Come visit us!

Its been a pleasure talking with you, until the next time.

Thank you Carlos!

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