There are so many places you can eat breakfast now, it’s actually becoming strange not to see a breakfast section on the menu! For those of us who have lived in Poland for many years, we know that wasn’t the case not so long ago. We have chosen our favorite places in Tricity where you can eat breakfast for under 10PLN and in some cases for 1PLN. Enjoy!

Aioli –  Gdańsk, ul. Partyzantów 6

Still the the king of the 1PLN breakfasts. Breakfasts for PLN 1 started a few years ago by the Warsaw Aioli restaurant. Breakfasts are served between 9-12. To pay just 1 PLN for breakfast, buy any coffee. The offer is valid from Monday to Friday. On weekends coffee costs 1 PLN when you buy any breakfast.

So what can you eat? The ‘Aioli shakshuka’ is popular, which is fried eggs, chickpeas, roasted pumpkin, red onion, feta, parsley, pomegranate, all thrown into a tomato sauce and comes also with a baguette with white organic poppy seeds. There is also the Greek yogurt with chia seeds, granola, dates, honey, plum jam, apple, grapefruit, mint leaves and a buttered brioche with poppy seeds and sesame seeds. 1 PLN is definately the best deal in the Tricity!

Loveat – Various locations in Tricity

In a rush? Then the Loveat network will do the job. With 10 locations throughout the Tricity, they won’t be hard to find. The cheapest options here are the various healthy porridge dishes priced at 5.80 each. We love the blueberry jam with milk, pineapple and coconut flakes.

There are various sandwiches also to choose from such as the popular Omelette and bacon baguette for 6.60 PLN or the roasted beetroot with feta and nuts for 4.80 PLN. If you fancy a hot sandwich then prices are between 7 and 10 PLN. We recommend the Ham, bacon, grilled onions and mushrooms. Delicious! Regular guests can collect points on their loyalty card, which you can exchange for hot drinks such as coffee or tea.


Gdańsk: ul. Klonowa 4 (from 6.30 am), SKM Polytechnic Pavilion (from 6.30), Novum PG Auditorium (from 7.30 am), SKM Przymorze-Uniwersytet (from 6.30), ul. Hevelius 10 (from 6.30)

Sopot: ul. Niepodległości 771 (from 7 am)

Gdynia: ul. 10 February 21 (from 7 am), ul. Świętojańska 107 (from 7 am), Gdynia Main Station SKM (from 6.45 am).


Kromka, Gdańsk – al. Grunwaldzka 85

This small restaurant specializes in bagels. We love bagels! These are not ordinary bagels though. The creativity gone into the ingredients are mind-blowing! The place is open from 07:00 so a perfect place also for early birds. Prices are mostly around 7 -8 PLN

You can ask, among others for a hot bagel (rye or wheat rye), with caramelized onion, cheddar cheese. We love the buttery bagel with sesame called ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ with carrot marmalade stewed on brandy with pistachios, goat cheese and lettuce .


Esplendidos, Gdynia –  al. Zwycięstwa 243

Esplendidos is a Spanish restaurant in which you maybe wouldn’t expect breakfast to be served. You would be wrong in thinking that because breakfasts are served here from 7.30-11.30 (from Mon to Fri) and 8.30-12.30 (weekend). All breakfasts cost  1PLN, just order a coffee for 10PLN. You can start the day with, for example, with a French croissant with salmon, spinach, poached egg, and hollandaise sauce. Or maybe a bagel with poached egg, jamón serrano, and avocado. Highly recommended!

Bar Turystyczny – Gdańsk, ul.Szeroka 8/10

A place that does not need to be advertised, although at breakfast time it is not as popular as in the afternoon.

The point here is to eat quickly, tasty and inexpensively. The offer includes scrambled eggs from two eggs for 3.8PLN, a fried egg for 1.5PLN, semolina for 3PLN, or a large sweet omelet for 5.7PLN. You can also take away sandwiches with eggs, ham and cheese with prices starting from 1.7 PLN!!!


Sapore, Gdańsk – ul. Tkacka 27/28

Sapore is a two-level restaurant, where typical Italian dishes are prepared. There are still only a few people who know that you can eat breakfast here still for 1PLN

Buy an americano for 8 zlotys or cappuccino for 10 and pay only 1 zlotys for a meal. You will find things such as porridge with seasonal fruits, a sweet bun with a fried egg, served with fruit, jam and cream, and other egg dishes, including fried eggs, served on a baguette with slices of grilled bacon, lettuce and lentils in tomatoes, or an omelet with vegetables and bread. Highly recommended!


Chwila, Gdynia –  ul. Świętojańska 30

Apart from the amazing beach location, Chwila is open from 7.30 so definitely for the early birds. You can order, for example, scrambled eggs made from three eggs and a basket of bread for 9 PLN

You will find various sandwiches such as smoked salmon with lemon ricotta, or balsamic pickled beetroot and herb with goat cheese, and spinach or leg roasted with vegetables and broth in a Parisian baguette with curry pickles and. We recommend the toasted BLT with
bacon, egg, salad and tomato salsa for 7.90 PLN

Among the breakfast sets served with coffee or tea we recommend the French toast, brioche fried with eggs and sprinkled with icing sugar and served with raspberry sorbet for 10PLN. Love it!

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