Below we have listed in no particular order 15 of our favorite tattoo parlors in Tricity. Some are more known than others and some have their own signature styles, but having been recommended them all by local tattoo artists and even visited the studios ourselves, we are more than confident you won’t be disappointed. The following studios were chosen by us because we felt each place has some unique qualities that our readers will also appreciate. Expect some interviews to follow over the next few weeks  ?

Electric Tattoo

One of the newer studios in Tricity is located right next to Sopot train station and is one of our favorites. At Electric Tattoo you will find a group of diverse, young laid back artists including Marta a.k.a. Marcelle’s Electric the owner who specializes in traditional/old school and neo-traditional. As well as apprentice Marta Adamus a.k.a. Madamus, who is still looking for her own style, you will find Ann Marie a.k.a. Diabeł nie baba who loves geometrical and blackwork. Homely but cool atmosphere.


Sztorm Tattoo Studio

Hipster Sztorm is a new premium class tattoo studio in Gdańsk founded by friends including Tat Studio owner Dagmara and Kult Tattoo in Kraków. Dagmara is a legend with over 20 years tattooing in Tri-City and Kult Tattoo has been combining artistry and individualism since 2001. With nigh on 30 tattoo artists, a worldwide famous festival and owners of acclaimed TattooFest magazine, this crew has already sailed through each ocean and knows all the corners of the tattoo world. Together with acclaimed barbers Farajna you will also find a few barber chairs located at Sztorm which when you combine the forces of these three crews, this is not a storm in a teacup but a real-deal STORM!


Unikat Tattoo

Located in a basement, Unikat was established in June 2016, in the heart of Gdańsk and with a homely atmosphere. Founder Sebastian Szczepaniuk loves realistic style but from time to time combines various styles to make something unique. The second link in the studio is Daria a.k.a. Mały Drań who likes to perform sketchy and neo-traditional, full-color works in which animal motifs prevail. Michał has been in the industry for 10 years and Marta a.k.a Megusława creates delicate and original patterns perfect for handpoke enthusiasts. Last but not least is Eski who pampers the clients, serves good advice and prepares probably the best coffee in any of the Gdańsk studios. We also love the interior.


Rico Artist 44

One of the newest tattoo studios in Gdansk located literally 2 meters from the train tracks also makes it one of the most unique. After studying in London at the University of Creative Arts, owner Rico returned to Poland where he actively worked in Gdynia Tattoo Studio. He now has his own studio drawing mainly in the contour, neotraditional style, in color, grays and black. His signature motifs are original faces of men and women or faces from the world of pop culture. You will also find animals and flowers in many of his designs. For such a young artist his designs are truly amazing. Instagram


Bad Mojo Tattoo

Bad Mojo was established in 2014 as a custom and appointment based studio, offering a wide range of styles from resident and guest spot artists. They are based in several polish cities in central locations and in Gdansk they are situated in a beautiful old building in the heart of Wrzeszcz. With a very warm atmosphere and a beautiful interior, you can expect to meet some well-established artists such as Gawron.Ink,  Elena Hellart (color / black Grey realism / neotraditional), Zlobina.Ink (Graphical), Kostyan Baraban (traditional), Yana O’Party (black line). Probably also the most beautiful studio in Tricity.

XY Studio

Xy Studio is located in an industrial building of the Royal Rifle Factory in the fashionable Dolne Miasto district of Gdańsk. It was founded in 2017 by Bartosz Jakub Namiotko who teamed up with Dorota Masalska, Paweł Kurylak, Mateusz Łosinski and Piotr Kolczak to make a really friendly place. From time to time, the studio also doubles up as a place where they host various cultural events. One of the more hipstery studios in town and definitely one of the best looking. We love it.



After many years of designing broadly understood computer graphics and motion design, Thomas opened Broda Tattoo where he shares his art in the form of small and larger works of art. You can expect a mix of styles such as neotraditional, trash and dotwork but it’s difficult to pin down Thomas to one style due to his free spirit.  Located 15 mins outside Sopot city center, we wanted to include Broda Tattoo as his work really is of a high level and definitely worth the short taxi ride. You will encounter a homely atmosphere and really feel like a VIP.


Red Candy

Located close to Gdynia train station, Red Candy was created in 2012 by the founders of Alpha Ink which is still one of the most popular studios in Gdynia. You won’t find any catalouges at Red Candy as every design is individual and they are passionate about making your dream tattoo come true. We love the red interior to match the name!


Alter Familia Tattoo & Piercing shop

Originally an online store with earrings, the store developed so much that in 2018 Łukasz decided to open a stationary store connected with a tattoo studio in the center of Gdynia. You can expect styles such as realistic,grey wash,black work,neotraditional and graphic work. If you’re looking for earrings also, they are the best-stocked place in Tri-City. Or how about an alternative hairstyle such as dreadlocks, dreadlocks, braids? This is the place to visit! They even have a machinist in store who will make you your own bag with your design.


Tat Studio

Thanks to the persistence, independence and passion of Dagmara Nawikas-Misiuk in 1996, TatStudio is now one of the oldest Gdańsk studios with more than 22 years. The Studio has a family atmosphere created by a well-integrated team consisting of Dagmara Nawikas-Misiuk, Jarosław Misiuk, Carlos-Karol Sawicki, Pam-Pamela Przewoźniak and Asia Jeżykowska. You will find a professional approach based on the knowledge and experience gained over the years. There is nothing like the old school and TatStudio is the headmaster!


Dwa Śledzie

Founded my Marcin Pawlus, Dwa Śledzie is one of the best-looking studios we have come across in Tricity. With huge rooms and the studio set up to serve one client at a time, you really get the feeling of being a VIP. Not only that, Marcin has won tons of awards so you are guaranteed a good job. Expect graphics, traditional and blackwork at the forefront of his portfolio. Check out his amazing portfolio here


Monkey Mandala

Located in Gdansk behind Manhattan shopping gallery, Monkey Mandala is a tattoo atelier, gathering around artists of a similar perspective, who take up the challenge to fullfill ideas of fascinating people. With owner Jakub making you feel at home straight away, expect good vibes, flow and even better music. Artists include Kandinska, Osa, Marta Płusa, Ola Cebula, Julia Sokulska, Bartosz Suszko, Bartek Pochowski, Bat Marcyś, Maciek Salamon, Kuba Świątas.

Cykada Tattoo

Located in the very heart of Sopot in a stylish, antique, spacious place legendary Cykada Tattoo is one of the most experienced studios you can find. Founded in 2009 by Zappa, an artist working for almost 30 years in the tattoo business all over Europe, it is a home to a crew of seven recognizable artists and a studio manager. With a combined experience of almost 100 years, you’ll be in good hands whether you’d like to go for a small first-time design or a huge back piece. With artists pursuing perfection in their individual and unique styles and the studio atmosphere to match, you’re in for a one of a kind tattoo journey.

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A place filled with history and passion. Located in Wrzeszcz, Gdansk, the old studio called “Leżeć”, was refreshed in 2011 and changed into “”. You get the impression the crew are eternal children, with pencils in their pockets, dirty with paints and a smile from ear to ear, their enthusiasm is infectious. With numerous awards under their belts, you are guaranteed a great job.


Heretic Tattoo

Located in one of Gdansk’s districts – Wrzeszcz, Heretic Tattoo was founded in 2015. The studio unites different styles like realism, traditional, neotraditional, dotwork and black work. Thanks to many years of experience of their tattooists, they create individual and very precise designs for their customers and achieve fantastic results. Collectively, the crew has won almost 40 prizes in various foreign and national conventions. Need we say more?

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