When someone actually makes the decision to get a tattoo for the first time, the next logical step is finding the right tattooist to do the work. BUT WAIT- how do you do that?! Tattooers are a dime a  dozen, these days! Well, for the majority of new tattoo collectors, it often and inevitably begins with finding the right tattoo parlor.

This is a great place to start. Realistically, if you go to a less than an ideal tattoo parlor, you’ll more than likely end up with less than the ideal artist and, hence, a less than an ideal tattoo. No problem. It’s easy TO AVOID the most common mistakes made by the majority of people just getting into tattoos; the answer: simply be more informed than the majority!

Below we have listed in no particular order 10 of our favorite tattoo parlors in Poznań. Some are more known than others and some have their own signature styles, but having been recommended them all by local tattoo artists and even visited the studios ourselves, we are more than confident you won’t be disappointed. The following studios were chosen by us because we felt each place has some unique qualities that our readers will also appreciate.

Monarchy Tattoo Studio

In the very center of Poznań, at ul. Ratajczaka 32, Monarchy Tattoo Studio is one of Poznań’s newest arrivals and Paweł Reduch, who is an artist with many years of experience is behind it.

Paweł wanted to create a place for creative work, where artists could inspire each other and develop their passions. A place where they can meet people and create cool things together. With currently 3 artists, you can expect traditional, realistic, dot and line work among others. Probably the most beautiful salon in Poznan no doubt.

Black Butterfly Tattoo & Piercing

Marja Kantorowicz is the founder of the studio located in Grunwald and a piercer since 2014. Her passion in life is to make the human body as beautiful as possible. Black Butterfly is a small, climatic place, where everybody feels like in their own home.

The studio has 3 tattoo artists including Hammlet – a tattoo artist with a long history, enormous experience, and a baggage of knowledge. He loves cartoon style and colorful tattoos.

Klaudia Szewczyk, a young tattoo artist that loves motives associated with nature and animals and works with mainly black colors. And last, but not least, Szymon Dalkiewicz – a beginner who is trying his first steps in old-school style, but he is open-minded for other styles.

Marja owns the studio and focuses her attention on piercing. She is a member of an elite group of piercers called Profesional Piercers Poland.

Ponton Tattoo

Ponton Tattoo Studio is a great place located in Swarzędz just outside Poznań but still only a 15-minute cab ride. It brings together two artists, Ponton and Ofelia Oferma. Very family-run style place with a great atmosphere and has a positive energy floating in the air.

Ponton himself is a lover of realism and specializes in photorealistic faces which look amazing. Ofelia, on the other hand, creates typical geometries, including our personal favorites, mandalas, and watercolor designs. Ponton is also known to teach the art of how to be a tattoo artist and holds various workshops and classes.


7 Sins Tattoo

7 Sins tattoo has experienced artists who work in their own styles and live and breath to come up with amazing custom projects with clients. They specialize in and love realistic and neotraditional tattoos, although they are open to other styles.

Located in Winogrady, 7 Sins is also a great place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city center, yet, its only a 5 min taxi ride.


Located above Ministerstwo Browaru and a stone’s throw from the Market Square, Dziarczyncy combines a tattoo studio and barber in one. Owner Zuzanna openly admits it was thanks to her partner – Łukasz for her success, who encouraged her to buy her first tattoo gun and wiped away her tears of panic that everything would turn out badly.

Since opening, she has gone on to create a great team of artists and we love the fact they have a person whose only job is to welcome people and make them feel at home.


Miss Pank

Located in Winogrady, just outside the city center, Miss Pank is the brainchild of Agnieszka Panek. From the days when she had a snake secretly tattoed on her back without her parent’s knowledge, she has managed to get a large following in Poznań.

Click here to read our interview with Agnieszka a.k.a Miss Pank

She loves watercolors and sketching style tattoos and it shows in her designs. If you love movies then your in for a treat. Agnieszka loves reading books and watches at least 1 or 2 movies every day and its not uncommon for her and her clients to watch a movie together.



Anatema owner Adam Rzychu is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet. His smile reflects his work and is known for his cartoon style tattoos but not only.

Located right next to the market square, Anatema is well known and respected by other studios in Poznań. With a great looking studio and friendly staff, you won’t be disappointed.


Montażownia’s beautiful studio (montażownia in English means assembly room)  newly located in hip Jeżyce has grown from strength to strength very quickly. From a single roomed studio in Wilda, the owner Lena is definitely one of our favorite success stories.

Boguś is the master of piercing and tattoo removals and alongside a team of experienced tattoo artists, Montażownia has earned its right to be known as one of Poznańs best studios.


Tattoo Mucha

Hidden from sight in one of Poznań’s small passages, Błazej Mucha opened the studio about 1 year ago and has grown from strength to strength.

They now have 4 experienced artists specializing in dot work, realism, traditional, line, and black work. Błazej himself specializes in neo-traditional. For those that want piercing done then Katie will look after you. You will have a good time at Mucha with a team always looking for the next laugh.

La Familia Tattoo

Located in upcoming Wilda, Familia Tequila has a vibe we just love. Owned by Chris, he has put together an impressive array of artists and styles.

From realistic, black and grey, sketch, dot work, old-school, new school, line work, black work and geometry, they have it all. Add to that a great vibe and cool looking studio make this an automatic entry into our Top 10.


Local Vandals

Probably the newest studio to open in Poznań so not much history yet. Located in Roosavelta street on the border between the city center and Jeżyce, owner Marcin Czarnecki has some big plans for this place including adding a barber shop in the near future and has to be one of the nicest guys you will meet.

With a graffiti artist as his partner, it is evident as soon as you walk into the studio with huge graffiti awnings on the walls. Ever since his first tattoo at the age of 20 of a pinup girl on his forearm, Marcin has been passionate about tattoos and art and we look forward to seeing the studio grow. With a new team of experienced artists ready to show off their skills, it’s well worth a visit!

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