With the collapse of communism most milk bars went bankrupt, however, some of these food museums were saved and continue to be kept open through state subsidies. You will even find many of them look like any other modern restaurant. In fact, there are a few that are actually cool and you will find young trendy people eating there. I treat every milk bar as a curiosity and to be honest is a fairly important element of gastronomy considering how many students there are in Wrocław. Whether you prefer the old style feel and look or the more modern version, below are our favorites

Rózowa Krówka – Świdnicka 36


Probably one of the best-looking milk bars in the city and when opened was seen as a serious contender to Miś. Prices are cheap and not. Depends on what you choose. You will pay 8.50PLN for Russian dumplings, 5PLN for potato pancakes, and a chicken breast set is 13.90PLN. So not the cheapest milk bar but breakfast is really cheap with scrambled eggs in butter costing 3.40PLN and the tomato soup with noodles is 3PLN. As an overall package though, it’s probably my favorite right now.

Bar Miś – ul. Kuźnicza 48

Probably the most famous milk bar in the city. For less than 3 zlotys there is a plate of hot soup. The second-course costs around 5-6 PLN, for really large portions. For example, a portion of 8 Russian dumplings costs 3PLN, a pork chop 6.50PLN. The bar is not at the forefront of the tastiest places in the city, but the dishes are decent there. The prices are certainly among the cheapest and let’s say my second favorite milk bar behind Rózowa Krówka, but its a close call for different reasons.

Bar Miszmasz – ul. Knife 14/16

A place popular among students. A dinner set with a pork chop, rice and salad cost 10.90PLN. A decent size portion of pierogi will set you back about 6PLN a plate of soup 3.5 PLN.

Bazylia – University Square

This bar has been feeding Wroclaw students for years. This is a typical multifood where you can choose what you like. Apply as much as you like. For a child portion expect to pay around 3.50PLN only!!!. Turn up between 18 and 19 and you will get a further 50% discount!!! Probably the cheapest in the city but don’t be put off by the price. The food is tasty.

Bar Witek – ul. Wit Stwosz 40

Legendary place in Wroclaw that specializes in rather greasy unhealthy food. Toasts are around 7 PLN. We recommend the mushrooms and cheese with lashings of ketchup!!!


Bar Mleczny Mewa –  ul. Drobnera 4 

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania bar mewa wrocław

Humble dining at Mewa has taken root in the minds of many inhabitants of Wrocław. A popular place among students and lecturers where you can eat cheaply and tasty. Looks good too. Baked rice with apples, for example, costs 2.65, and dumplings 3PLN. You can even by a plate of soup for around 3PLN. Mewa also offers old-school dishes on the menu containing giblets, stomachs or hearts for example. Not for everybody but some people love it. We recommend you go there around noon when they start to serve tasty Russian dumplings, which are served with butter. One great advantage here is that you won’t find huge queues like in Miś.


Nad Waga – Odrzańska 16

Classicly styled and very clean. Two different soups every day. A small portion, or 450 ml, costs 6 PLN, a large (650 ml) 10 PLN. For 3 courses lets say about 10-11 PLN. Juices are only 1PLN.

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