Tatucan is a small and intimate studio with a big heart, which beats in the direct center of the city of Gdynia. It was created as an initiative of two artists Ola a.k.a. alex.one.tattoo and Maciej a.k.a. lipskytattoo who share passion, experience, and creativity. As they told us ‘Our goal is to spread our values with future customers’. We met up with them to find out more about their passions.

Whose idea was Tatucan?

Ola – We was thinking of Papuga but we weren’t sure until a friend of mine came up with Tatucan and we went with it ? A Tucan is a tropical bird with a massive bill and brightly colored feathers.

How would you describe the environment at Tatucan?

Ola – Perfect for a Tucan ?

You guys are life partners as well as business partners, right?

Ola – Yes. We have been together for over 5 years.

Where did you meet?

Lipski – Pandemonium studio in Gdansk. It used to be one of the best.

So who is better?

Lipski – We have 2 different styles

What annoys you most about each other?

Ola – He is too nervous and impatient sometimes ?

Lipski – Ola is tooo organised ?

Last valentines present you gave each other?

We give each other surprises all the time. We don’t need valentines!

First tattoo?

Ola – I was 19 and tattooed a swallow on myself

Lipski – A chicano style tattoo when I was 18

What would you do if not tattoos?

Ola – Medicine

Lipski – Drummer

Who is the best drummer?

He’s dead now but John Bonham from Led Zeppelin

Lipski. What made you decide to tattoo your face?

I’ve always wanted to be different. Even when I was at school I always felt the desire to shock ?

Favorite styles?

Ola – I like mixing colors. It’s great fun! I like to work without stencils and shape the design to the skin.

Lipski – Fat rough lines, a lot of black shading and my signature mint color.

Ever screwed up a tattoo?

Lipski – Everyone has at some point. Mostly at the beginning though when you are learning.

Is it harder now to make it to the top?

Lipski – It was definitely easier 15-20 years ago for sure. Now everybody is doing it!

What do you hate the most about the business?

Ola – People focusing more on fame than the quality. It’s nice to get recognized as a good artist but you must not lose the focus.

Why do artists hate ignorant style?

Lipski – Fake people trying to make out that’s their lifestyle. If you’re the real deal then there’s respect there I think.

Are tattoos cancerous?

Lipski – What isn’t cancerous nowadays. I heard it strengthens your immune system!. It’s all bullshit!

Is there anything you wouldn’t do?

Ola – Nazi signs or anything vulgar

Even for 1 million zł?

Lipski – Keep talking…

Where do you see your self in 2-3 years?

Lipski – Bigger shop and more travelling

Ola – I would like to have a parrot and teach it how to talk. Maybe it can be our manager and arrange bookings ?

Hahaha. So finally, when can we expect Mr & Mrs Lipski?

Lipski & Ola – No plans. We are happy the way we are ?

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