For some, the ‘No pants subway ride’ is a warning to avoid the Warsaw Metro. For others, it’s an incentive to leave the car at home and go underground this Sunday (13.01).

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It is true that in Poland, and more specifically in Warsaw – the only Polish city with a metro – this event is not particularly popular. Perhaps this is due to national prudery. Or maybe its due to the fact its freezing outside.

The campaign was launched in New York in 2002 and is now popular all around the world. Cities such as Berlin, Amsterdam, Buenos Aires, Munich, Prague, Lisbon and London are also taking part this year.

The organization responsible is Improv Everywhere which is a New York City-based comedy collective that stages unexpected performances in public places.

The organizers of the event assure that it has nothing to do with the scandalous excesses, and the only goal behind it is very positive – it’s about creating a smile on the faces of fellow passengers! The event has a peaceful character, although its concept may not appeal to everyone.

So how many daredevils will take part in Warsaw this year? More than 2,200 people are currently interested in the event on Facebook and more than 270 declare active participation. New York for comparison normally gets around 2000 people actively participating.

You can find more information on Facebook: No Pants Subway Ride Warsaw 2019 

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