Streetwise has been on the lookout for the best value breakfast in Poznań and we have found it. Legendary Republika Róż has been getting it right since it first opened its doors and hasn’t looked back since.

Its taken some time, but eat as much as you want buffets are becoming en vogue in Poland. The idea seems to be filtering down from hotels to local restaurants and nobody is doing it better then Republika Róż. We stuffed our faces for your benefit to the point we couldn’t even walk.

Before you even start with the buffet we recommend you order something hot such as scrambled eggs and sausages while you feast your eyes on whats on offer. From bruschetta to Pizerniki to fruit mouses to crispy bacon and for vegetarians there is also quiche. The list goes on and on…

For those with a sweet tooth, we recommend the mini pancakes with banana, Nutella, and white chocolate. Delicious!

A healthy cereal before moving onto the main buffet? You can choose from Cini minis, Lion or muesli with dried fruit. TIP: throw in some pumpkin seeds.

Something savory? Crispy bacon and brie cheese!

Or why not make yourself a mini bacon roll with tomato and cheese!

or maybe a savory Pizerniki which is sort of a pizza made with puff pastry!

If cold meats are your thing then create your own concoction. We did!

Maybe you like to keep it simple? We opted for a mini croissant and a toasted baguette with smoked salmon and cream cheese.

Feeling creative? Then dig into the various sandwich spreads such as hummus or the egg mayonnaise with sundried tomato. The waiters are constantly topping up the bread basket with freshly baked rolls and slices of bread so don’t worry.

We also love the various mouses/deserts on offer. Our favorite was the mango and chia although the strawberries and cream came in a very close second!

By this stage, we were ready for a Spanish siesta but I think you get the idea! Finally, we went for a refresher. In season watermelon, melon, grapes and a strawberry. Mouthwatering!

The buffet was even better than we expected but don’t take our word for it. Wake up early on the weekend and make your way to Republika Róż. Buffet starts at 09:00 – 12:00 Saturday and Sunday. Oh and remember to take 28 PLN. Water is included ?

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