Just along the railway embankment on Boguslawskiego Street in Wrocław, NAPA is a gem of a bistro that strikes a balance between elegant and casual. There are a number of bars and restaurants to choose from along the embankment (nasyp), and NAPA’s sign isn’t very conspicuous, but it’s right next to the overpass.

NAPA front. Source: Chia-Luen Lee

NAPA flavors

The food at NAPA is fresh and delicious (especially the fish!). While some restaurants offer complex flavor combinations that are difficult to discern, NAPA specializes in simplicity. You can taste every local ingredient in each dish, making freshness and quality the highlight of any plate.

Chef Darek (who co-owns NAPA with his sister, Ania) has lived and traveled in various parts of the world, taking his time to explore the scene in England, taste the flavors of Napa Valley, and fine-tune his culinary skills in fine French kitchens. The multi-talented chef (his abstract paintings adorn the walls of NAPA) currently hangs his hat in Wrocław with his first foray into the restaurant business.

NAPA just opened its doors earlier this year, with a menu that is strongly influenced by gourmet cuisine from its namesake Napa Valley, California as well as Mediterranean regions in Southern Europe. After getting our first taste of NAPA, we hope the chef decides to stay in Wrocław for a while so we can come back for more!

What’s On the Menu?

Avocado Salad

One of Chef Darek’s personal favorites from NAPA’s selection of appetizers. The salad features just-ripened, firm avocados. Garden fresh herbs and a dash of citrus complement the richness of the main ingredient. Nothing like guacamole. I could eat this every day.

Gordal Olives

These green olives are firm and plump, about 3 times as large as your average store-bought variety, and much more flavorful.

Gordial Olives. Source: Chia-Luen Lee

Tomato Salad

Soft and crunchy, savory and sweet, the tomato salad is a satisfying mix of summer flavors and textures.

Tomato Salad. Source: Chia-Luen Lee

Green Asparagus

At NAPA, seasonal asparagus is seared and served with a savory cream sauce – great when you’re looking for something a bit richer, yet still technically green.

Grilled Green Asparagus. Source: Chia-Luen Lee

Sea Bream with Zuchnini Rounds

I highly recommend the sea bream. The skin was light and crisp with just the right amount of seasoning, sealing in all the goodness inside. The flesh was tender, succulent and juicy – you could tell that it was fresh. My companion couldn’t stop sneaking bites from my plate. Luckily, portion sizes are generous.

Sea Bream with zuchinni rounds. Source: Chia-Luen Lee


Chef Darek was happy to recommend a white wine to go with the sea bream that paired beautifully. If you’re not sure which wine to select, don’t hesitate to ask the friendly staff.


The palette-cleansing sorbet is an excellent way to finish your meal. It’s made with seasonal ingredients, so you won’t find any flavors mentioned on the menu. During our visit, they had a refreshing red berry mix, scattered with whole blueberries.

There are other options for vegetarians and carnivores alike, but NAPA is truly a pescatarian’s delight. I didn’t get a chance to try the steak, duck or heartier salads this time, but if it’s anything like their fish, then there’s no way it could disappoint.

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