The reasons for going missing are many and varied and can include mental illness, miscommunication, misadventure, domestic violence, and being a victim of crime.

Below you will find a selection of recently missing people and cases that have yet to be solved after many years in Kraków. Unfortunately, these are just a few of the thousands of people who are currently missing nationwide. Thanks to the ITAKA foundation though, many are found every year. According to the website they are currently searching for over 1000 missing persons and to end on a high note, they have found over 15000 missing persons over the years.

“Help us find them – search through our database, print out a poster and contact us if you possess any information regarding missing people. Perhaps you have walked past a missing person or seen one in a bus, the tube or a zebra crossing. It is important to remain cautious, even outside Poland. Our database consists of images and information about people that have been declared missing to appropriate services and ITAKA foundation, both in Poland and abroad.”

In case you want to report a person missing or indeed have some information, you will find the helpline numbers at the bottom of this article. Alternatively search through the database of missing persons.

DOB: 1997
Reported missing on 2013-03-17. On March 17, 2013, at around 4:00 PM, he left the house and went to Krakow, from where he sent an SMS to his friend and he has not returned to his place of residence until now.

Ryan Paweł Stuglik

DOB: 2015

He was lost in 2015. He was two months old then. According to the portal, the child was kidnapped at the airport in Dublin.

Her last contact with her relatives was about eight months before her disappearance. She was a loner and she did not have any close contact with anyone. The last time she was seen was in October 2010. Until now she is missing and has not made contact with relatives, her whereabouts are unknown.
DOB: 1967
At the beginning of February 2014, she left her place of residence and has not yet returned
DOB: 2008
The last time he was seen was on December 28, 2015, around 15.00 in os. Szkolnym in Krakow. Until now he has not returned home and has not made contact with his family.
DOB: 1967
Went missing on March 6, 2014, at approx. 11.00. He left his place of residence, going to the bus, declaring that he was going to the village of Łącko to the Agricultural Technical School, where he had studied in the past in order to collect documents. He did not make it. He also has not made any contact with his family at this time.
The last time he contacted family was his brother in mid-June 2014. On 30/08/2014, a roommate with whom he was living in Krakow at ul. Barska, received a text message from Dawid. Until now, it has not been possible to determine his whereabouts.
On October 25, 2011, four-year-old Linda Selma Belkorichi went missing in Krakow.
The girl was most likely abducted by her father who is also missing. Her mother is looking for her and has not heard from her since the day she went missing.
On July 24, 1998  Guga withdrew some money from PKO bank, then three men put him in a bright red passenger car with Polish license plates. He has not been seen since.
Natalia Konik left her flat near ul. Telimeny in Krakow on June 13 2018 at about 16:00. To date, the 17-year-old has not returned and has not made contact with her relatives.
On September 26, 2004, he left the apartment he rented in Krakow at ul. Tyniecka and left all his belongings. When he did not communicate with his family in Wałbrzych for 24 hrs as well as with the people he lived with in Krakow he was reported missing.
DOB: 1972
On January 20, 1995, he left the house to lecture at the university, but he never got there.


Employees and volunteers of ITAKA Foundation are on duty on the Help-Line, including weekends. They are ready to help in a case of one’s disappearance. Each of us can receive a report and advice on how to plan a search on your own and what to expect from the police. Calling the same number you can also receive support of a psychologist, attorney or a social worker.


  • 801 24 70 70 – for Orange Polska stationary numbers the fee is for one impulse from every place in Poland, regardless of the conversations time
  • 22 654 70 70 – for stationary numbers in Poland
  • 00 48 22 654 70 70 – when calling from outside Poland
  • +48 22 654 70 70 – for mobile phones

Phone number 801 is not available for mobile phones connected to T-Mobile and PLUS GSM. Relief line 801 is operational thanks to Telekomunikacja Polska.

NUMBER 116 000 – in case of a missing child or a teenager

116 000 – a line for missing children works 7 days a week. It is available from any part of the country, from any mobile phone and any stationary phone.

The 116 000 line was launched thanks to Telekomunikacja Polska (currently Orange Polska)

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