Touche Tattoo was founded by Marcin Januszaniec and was initially located on Smolna street and was then moved in 2016 to a larger space in the center of Warsaw on Krucza street. Currently, it is one of the largest studios in the capital with seven artists working at full speed during the week. With some big plans to even maybe open a studio outside Poland, we spoke to Marcin to see what majes hime tick…

Hi Szymon. Why Touche?

Touch in French means Ink and the word Touche means Touched so it sort of makes sense.

When did you open?

I opened in 2014 with 3 artists but they disappeared real quick so it was hard at the beginning.

What is your style? Mainly dot-work, graphic and neo-traditional.

Tattoos are very profitable. How much do you earn?

Hahaha. More than average!

The saying goes ‘Sex, Drugs and Rock ‘n’ Roll. Do you think tattoos should be added to that phrase?

Not really. Tattoos goes well with all lifestyles, not just rock’n’roll.

Is being a tattoo artist the coolest job in the world right now?


Do you think girls get tattoo artist boyfriends to get free tattoos?

Sometimes. Its like a barter deal!

Your first tattoo?

It was a long time ago. It was a tribal tattoo on my chest. The 2nd was a tribal tattoo on my back

You still have them?

The chest is covered up and the one on my back im lazering off at the moment!

Were they that bad?

They were made by a really good artist but tribal seemed cool at the time but I dont like them anymore.

Have you ever fucked up a tattoo?

Sure. Every artist has.

Would you tattoo my penis?

Tough question. It wouldnt be a pleasure. Depends on the money ?

How about your dads penis?

No price

Do you take on apprentices?

Its a lot of work and then they fuck off so not really.

How about your own kid?

Sure why not. If he pays me ?

What is trending right now?

Clients are younger and younger every year. They look at social media and want the same as their favorite singer, actor or sportsman.

Is it mosty boys or girls?

Right now our starts are 70% girls.

Tattoos are expensive. How can youngsters afford it?

In the old days people used to save up for a car. Now its tattoos.

Do you have a favorite artist?

I have many but if I had to choose one then I would say sman_tattooer who is amazing at neo-traditional and graphics. I love his roses!

Its been a pleasure meeting with you. Finally, what is the hardest thing in running a studio?

Keeping all the artist happy.

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