When a new tattoo studio opens up, we are always interested to find out who is the owner and what inspired them to open a tattoo studio. Every owner has a different story to tell so we met up with Marcin Czarnecki, owner of recently opened tattoo studio Local Vandals in Poznań.

Hi Marcin. So why the name Local Vandals?

My partner is a graffiti artist and we wanted to connect the two. I also like graffiti and I associate graffiti with vandals. 1UP also inspires me!

How old were you when you got your first tattoo?

I think I was around 20. A friend of mine tattooed me at home.

What was it?

Hahaha. It was a pinup girl on my forearm.

and now?

I have around 12 tattoos right now

Would you say tattoos are addictive?

Definitely. It’s like drugs. It’s easy to get hooked ?

Why do people get tattoos?

Many reasons but I believe its a way for people to express themselves. You can be a formal person and be a bank manager but under your suit, you can be covered in art which expresses your real character!

Do you think it will be strange in 40-50 years to see loads of old people with tattoos?

Not at all. I think it’s going to be fascinating!

Do you think the tattoo trend is going to last?

Impossible to say. People will always do tattoos. I think it will change with technology like robots doing tattoos for you in a few minutes in the future. That’s definitely possible in the next 20 years or so.

Neon tattoos are getting popular in America. Will it come to Poland?

Generally everything American comes to Poland eventually! We will see.

So why open a studio?

I love the lifestyle. I wanted to be my own boss and I thought it was a good match. I love meeting people every day also. That’s one of the best parts of the job ?

How many artists work at Local Vandals?

Four right now.

and the styles?

Filip does black tattoos, Tomek likes realistic tattoos, Kuba likes watercolors and Boris likes realistic also but rather in black ink and has a different style to Tomek.

Would you say people follow the artist or the studio?

Mostly the artists. The studio can be known for its atmosphere and professionalism.

I heard you will have a barbershop in the near future?

Sure. We have a large studio so there is enough space. It’s in the pipeline but not until early next year. We are focusing on the tattoo studio right now to get it where it needs to be.

Do you have a favorite artist?

Pietro Seda in Milan. He loves faces and has a great imagination. He is definitely my current favorite.

Well, its been a pleasure meeting you. I love the design of the studio. How can people connect with you guys?

Thanks. The best is to pop in for a chat otherwise send us a message on FB.

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